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Logiq’s Advanced Programmatic Ad Platform Saving Companies


NEW YORK, May 09, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Logiq, Inc. (OTCQX:LGIQ), a leading provider of digital consumer acquisition solutions, reported it is saving its digital advertising clients substantial sums of wasted expense through the powerful AI-powered fraud detection and analytics of its programmatic ad platform.

At the heart of Logiq’s AI-powered Ad-tech platform is a unique digital advertising fraud detection system with patented cutting-edge capabilities. Designed to combat the growing problem of ad fraud in digital advertising, Logiq’s programmatic ad platform offers advertisers and publishers a robust solution for identifying and preventing fraudulent activities which undermine digital marketing campaigns by increasing costs and diminishing their effectiveness.

Through the proprietary application of advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques, Logiq’s programmatic platform analyzes vast amounts of data to detect fraudulent practices, such as click fraud, impression fraud, and traffic manipulation.

By examining various data points and patterns, including user behavior, IP addresses, device information, and traffic sources, Logiq’s programmatic platform can accurately identify suspicious activities and distinguish them from genuine user interaction.

What further sets Logiq’s programmatic platform apart from other fraud detection systems is its intelligent ability to adapt and evolve alongside ever-changing fraudulent tactics. Its AI engine continuously learns from new fraud patterns and incorporates them into its detection algorithms, enabling advertisers and publishers to stay one step ahead of fraudsters.

In addition to real-time fraud detection, Logiq also provides comprehensive reporting and analytics that reveal valuable insights into the quality of ad campaigns and accurately attributes conversions across multiple touchpoints. This helps advertisers optimize their budgets and make data-driven decisions that maximize ROI.

Logiq’s unique AI-powered approach also ensures user privacy while providing advertisers with essential tracking capabilities. It can collect data on impressions, clicks, and conversions without compromising personally identifiable information (PII). This privacy-centric approach allows advertisers to comply with regulations and build trust with their audience.

According to Logiq CEO, Brent Suen: “Our platform’s AI-powered tracking technology is a game-changer for engagement measurement and audience targeting. Our ability to capture and analyze user behavior data provides advertisers with actionable insights that can optimize their campaigns and deliver highly personalized experiences to their target audience. By leveraging the power of AI and machine learning, we empower advertisers to make data-driven decisions that drive meaningful results.”

For those publishers on Logiq’s platform, they are demonstrating a commitment to transparency and fraud prevention, and enhancing their reputation for offering quality exposure which can attract higher quality advertisers.

Overall, Logiq’s AI platform is a powerful tool in the fight against digital advertising fraud. Its patented technology and adaptive approach makes it an indispensable asset for advertisers and publishers seeking to protect their investments and maintain the integrity of the digital advertising ecosystem.

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About Logiq
Logiq Inc. is a U.S.-based provider of e-commerce and digital customer acquisition solutions. It simplifies digital advertising for agencies, SMBs and enterprises by providing a data-driven, end-to-end marketing solution. The company’s digital marketing offerings include a holistic, self-serve ad tech platform. Its proprietary AI-powered solutions enable brands and agencies to advertise across thousands of the world’s leading digital and connected TV publishers. To learn more about Logiq, visit

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