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Lotus Arts de Vivre Showcases "Tales of Asia" in Mumbai, India


India’s love of jewellery, both gold and precious stones is well known and dates back to the times of Maharajas waging war on the backs of elephants. Perhaps less well known is that our country shares its love of embellishment with the Kingdom of Thailand.

Nicklas and Rolf Von Bueren

Home to one of the world’s longest surviving monarchies, Thailand is known for its exquisite craftsmanship and exceptional quality in all things. Jewellery and artifacts crafted in the Kingdom are no different and Lotus Arts de Vivre is a brand that is synonymous with this high quality and beauty.

Celebrating their 40 years in luxury 2022-2023, Lotus Arts de Vivre: is the legacy of German born Rolf Von Bueren, who immigrated to Thailand in the 1960’s and has made the Asian nation his home. Mr. Von Bueren has also developed a close relationship with India, a country which he has visited numerous times over close to half a century and one with which he feels great kinship.

‘”n truth, there is nothing more luxurious than that which we cannot have, and it is an unimpeachable facet of human nature to covet that which seems out of reach,” says Rolf Von Bueren. It is this fundamental ideology upon which he founded the Lotus brand, one which has been dedicated to creating and providing those connoisseurs of excellence with the reality of their dreams.

Scarab Jewellery from Lotus Arts de Vivre

Known across the globe for its jewellery collections, with each unique piece crafted by hand using the finest gold and gemstones, Lotus Arts de Vivre pours the same mastery into its home decor and gifting ranges. From artefacts and statues to table decor and beyond, a piece from Lotus Arts de Vivre’s impressive catalogue echoes with opulence and grandeur.

“”Tales of Asia” is Lotus Arts de Vivre’s showcase in collaboration with Heeramaneck & Son. We have collectively chosen Pundole Art Auction House as the location as it’s a linkage with art collectors, fine arts & everything our brands resonate with,” says Mr. Nicklas Von Bueren.

Some of the exquisite pieces encompassing home decor, jewellery, handbags etc. on display by from the Tales of Asia exhibit, include the golden lotus leaf, the carved shell gravy bowl, the swan shell bowl, the well loved wooden happy monk sculpture, baroque walking sticks and the ebony wood peacock sculpture. The signature animal series of stools, bookends & paperweights featuring animals such as the Bulldog, Rhino, Hippo decorated in ornate metal. Also prayer beads, bamboo & silk bags along with the Scarab collection, a series of ornaments, jewellery and decor items that are the ultimate in luxury to name a few.

Earlier this year they opened their first flagship store in Colaba, Mumbai. Tucked away amidst the historically resplendent by lanes of Colaba in Mumbai, a neighbourhood known for its architecture and heritage reminiscent of the British regality and home to the Gateway of India and magnificent Taj Mahal Palace hotel, Lotus Arts de Vivre’s flagship boutique has truly found its perfect home earlier this year in 2022 as they celebrate 40 years of Lotus Arts de Vivre.

Looking back on a journey spanning 40 years, Mr. Von Bueren reminisces about times spent travelling across the world and his time in India. Looking forward to the next chapter, his younger son Nicklas has stepped into his father’s shoes to continue the legacy that is Lotus Arts de Vivre for the next 40 years and beyond!

Nicklas grew up surrounded by his father’s passion for beauty and craftsmanship and sees India as almost a second home. He says, “I am excited to see what I can do for Lotus in India over the next few decades. I have spent so much time in this beautiful country and have a great love and respect for the people, the art and the craftsmanship. I think it is a partnership that is destined for great success and I hope to see that success multiply over time.”

For more information on Lotus Arts de Vivre:

Store Address – Shop No.3, Suleman Chambers, Battery Street, Colaba, Mumbai – 400001.

Contact Number – 9820991007: By Appointment Only.

Instagram Handle:

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