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Mithra Pharmaceuticals – Payment of the interests of the


Payment of the interests of the Highbridge/Whitebox loans Information on the total number of voting rights (denominator)

Liege, Belgium, 12 May 2023 – 17:50 CET – Mithra Pharmaceuticals SA (Euronext Brussels: MITRA) (the “Company” or “Mithra”), a company dedicated to Women’s Health, today announces that, the third quarterly interests of the loan facility concluded with funds managed by Highbridge Capital Management, LLC (“Highbridge”) and funds managed by Whitebox Advisors, LLC (“Whitebox”, and together with Highbridge, each a “Lender”), was paid through contribution in kind against the issuance of new shares for an aggregate amount of EUR 641,289.61 through the issuance of 285,409 new shares at an issue price of EUR 2.25.

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On 8th August 2022, the Company and the Lenders entered into a three-year term senior secured convertible facilities agreement for an amount of up to EUR 100 million, which can be drawn in three tranches. The first tranche of EUR 50 million was drawn upon signing of the agreement; the second tranche of EUR 25 million was drawn on 31st October 2022.

In accordance with article 15 of the Belgian Act of 2 May 2007 on the disclosure of major participations in issuers of which shares are admitted to trading on a regulated market and regarding miscellaneous provisions, following this capital increase’s completion Mithra now has 57,359,031 outstanding shares carrying voting rights (against 57,073,622 outstanding shares carrying voting rights previously).

Therefore, Mithra publishes the following updated information:

Capital: EUR 41,992,326.28Total number of securities carrying voting rights: 57,359,031 (all ordinary shares)Total number of voting rights (= denominator): 57,359,031 (all relating to ordinary shares)Number of outstanding rights to subscribe to securities carrying voting rights: Pursuant to the share option plan of 5 November 2018: 1,394,900 subscription rights giving right to 1,394,900 ordinary sharesPursuant to the share option plan of 22 July 2020: 690,000 subscription rights giving right to 720,571 ordinary sharesPursuant to the share option plan granted to the lending shareholders of 7 September 2020: 300,000 subscription rights giving right to 313,292 ordinary sharesPursuant to the share option plan of 20 November 2020: 390,717 subscription rights giving rise to 390,717 ordinary shares


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About Mithra

Mithra (Euronext: MITRA) is a Belgian biotech company dedicated to transforming Women’s Health by offering new choices through innovation, with a particular focus on contraception and menopause. Mithra’s goal is to develop products offering better efficacy, safety and convenience, meeting women’s needs throughout their life span. Mithra explores the potential of the unique native estrogen Estetrol in a wide range of applications in women health and beyond. After having successfully launched the first Estetrol-based product in 2021, the contraceptive pill Estelle®, Mithra is now focusing on its second product Donesta®, the next-generation hormone therapy. Mithra also offers partners a complete spectrum of solutions from early drug development, clinical batches and commercial manufacturing of complex polymeric products (vaginal ring, implants) and complex liquid injectables and biologicals (vials, pre-filled syringes or cartridges) at its technological platform Mithra CDMO. Active in more than 100 countries around the world, Mithra has an approximate headcount of 230 staff members and is headquartered in Liège, Belgium.

ESTELLE®, and DONESTA® are registered trademarks of Mithra Pharmaceuticals or one of its affiliates.

Important information

The contents of this announcement include statements that are, or may be deemed to be, “forward-looking statements”. These forward-looking statements can be identified by the use of forward-looking terminology, including the words “believes”, “estimates,” “anticipates”, “expects”, “intends”, “may”, “will”, “plans”, “continue”, “ongoing”, “potential”, “predict”, “project”, “target”, “seek” or “should”, and include statements the Company makes concerning the intended results of its strategy. By their nature, forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties and readers are cautioned that any such forward-looking statements are not guarantees of future performance. The Company’s actual results may differ materially from those predicted by the forward-looking statements. The Company undertakes no obligation to publicly update or revise forward-looking statements, except as may be required by law.

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