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MulticoreWare announces expansion of its R&D operations in India, establishes MAGIC lab at Amrita University


COIMBATORE, India, Dec. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — MulticoreWare, a global technology company offering solutions and products related to compilers, machine learning & AI analytics, video encoding and autonomous mobility inaugurated its R&D facility at Amrita University to pursue joint research activities. This step is an important milestone in the partnership between the two organizations who signed an MOU earlier this year.  

MAGIC (MulticoreWare Academia Global Innovation Centre) will focus on multiple research areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Compiler Technologies, and Video Encoding Technologies.  

Speaking at the event, Mr. AGK Karunakaran, President & CEO of MulticoreWare said, “MulticoreWare has always considered interdisciplinary research activities as vital markers for growth and innovation. We are continuously looking to expand our R&D ecosystem. The MAGIC lab @ Amrita is a step towards further strengthening this ecosystem. Amrita University shares our vision and I hope to see great outcomes from this partnership.”

One of the R&D focus areas is Neuro Evolution, a branch of artificial intelligence that uses evolutionary algorithms to generate DL models, evolve networks and optimize for best performance without loss of accuracy on a particular hardware or the target device. These DL based applications such as Pedestrian Detection, People Counting, Face Recognition can be used for different industries such as surveillance and security for both civil and defence purposes. 

MulticoreWare is a market leader in Video Compression technologies. Video codecs have several dozen parameters that directly or indirectly affect the encoding rate, quality, and size of the compressed video. Codec developers, as a rule, provide standard pre-sets that on average yield acceptable performance for all videos, but for a given video, certain parameters may yield more efficient encoding. The MAGIC team will work on developing an ML based method to select the best possible setting for each pre-set to increase compression efficiency.

Shri C. Parameswaran, Principal Director, Corporate and Industry Relations at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham said, “For creation and development of new technologies, industry is dependent on the educational system’s capacity to produce adequate talent, stay current and relevant in the rapidly changing technology landscape and to facilitate that process. Academic institutions are also to a large extent, dependent on the industry for getting access to real life problems and current industry practices, besides receiving necessary financial backing. I wish the centre a great success.”

Mr. Shashikanth Jayaraman, Vice President of Human Resources at MulticoreWare said, “Industry and Academia are two sides of one coin, and this collaboration enables the perfect symbiosis of academic, scientific research results and industrial practitioner findings and experiences. We have been hiring engineers from this esteemed organization and we hope that our partnership evolves to new heights. Students working at MAGIC will have a huge opportunity to get early industry exposure to core competencies and training to nurture innovation. I wish the lab great success.” 

About MulticoreWare

MulticoreWare delivers software IP Solutions and Engineering Services serving a wide group of customers with Compilers & Toolchains, Libraries for SDK, Video codec and AI analytics solutions using various vision & non-vision (Radar, LiDAR, IMU, GPS, etc.) sensors on various heterogenous computing platforms. Our solutions are used in Automotive (ADAS/AD), Surveillance, Defence, Medical Imaging, IoT, Retail, Logistics, Industrial, Robotics, Smart City. MulticoreWare’s industry-leading video codec products (x266™/x265/Ultraziq) have been deployed in live streaming or VOD services across many broadcast customers.


Suchithra Thyagarajan, Vice President – Corporate Marketing





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