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Mystore launches TSP model for Enterprises to get connected with ONDC


GURUGRAM, India, Nov. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Mystore®, the first ONDC-connected marketplace, launches its TSP model to help enterprises leverage the Open Network for Digital Commerce. The TSP model by Mystore is the next step towards accelerating the digital transformation of enterprise brands by connecting brands and their entire dealer-distributor networks with customers pan-India. 

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To reach customers across India, enterprises can connect to ONDC networks either directly or through an existing network participant (NP). To qualify as an NP and connect directly to the ONDC network, brands must implement the ONDC protocol and maintain a highly available infrastructure. This infrastructure should be designed in a way that it communicates with the ONDC gateway and other network participants in a failsafe and speedy manner.

Mystore’s TSP (Technology Solution Provider) model offers a pre-built white-labelled, highly available solution that complies with ONDC requirements and standard protocols. Using Mystore’s TSP model brands can connect directly with the ONDC platform without going through the lengthy route of qualifying as an NP. The battle-tested, scalable, mobile-first and secure infrastructure (PCI DSS compliant, ISO27001 certified) of Mystore can be customized inside out for the unique needs of enterprises of every scale and size. 

Mystore’s enterprise solutions offer brands a host of top-notch automated features for running and managing their business digitally. With Mystore’s TSP model enterprise brands can go to market in record time. Enterprise brands using Mystore as their TSP (Technical Solution Provider) can:

  • Connect to the ONDC network as a Buyer App and Seller App
  • Have control over payment options, and customer-facing policies 
  • Seamlessly integrate their existing supply chain with the ONDC network
  • Integrate their dealer network with hyperlocal fulfilment 
  • Build beautiful multilingual storefronts (D2C and B2B) in addition to connecting to ONDC
  • Manage strong online presence for multiple brands from one place
  • Give their sellers comprehensive order, inventory, catalogue and invoice management solutions 
  • Roll out Android and iOS apps for their customers and sellers

Designed to cater to the diverse needs of enterprises, Mystore is the first platform that offers the TSP model as Buyer App and Seller App. Here is how these models can be leveraged by brands:

  1. The Buyer App TSP model is ideal for large enterprises that have a large customer base and want to offer ONDC as a value-added service to their audience. For example, Banks, Fintech, Payment Gateways and Telcos. 
  2. The Seller App TSP model is for enterprises with a large seller base that want to offer their sellers another sales channel through ONDC. The Seller App TSP model is also ideal for Enterprises that want to connect their dealer network to ONDC and offer their dealers a strong and cost-effective sales channel.

With a well-rounded solution from Mystore, enterprise brands can set up their business for accelerated growth and reach untapped markets fairly easily. 

Highlighting how the Mystore TSP model will help enterprise brands, Mr. Rajiv Kumar Aggarwal, Founder & CEO, Mystore, said, “ONDC is the biggest revolution in the history of E-commerce and brands will have to adapt to it, the sooner the better. Through the Mystore TSP model, we make this adaption fast and seamless for Enterprises. With ONDC compliant, tailored-solutions enterprise brands build scalable, flexible, high-performance digital sales channels that connect their customers directly to the brand.”

About Mystore

Mystore® is an ONDC-connected marketplace helping SMEs and enterprise brands leverage the ONDC network to accelerate their growth. With its Seller App and Buyer app for ONDC, Mystore enables seamless selling for buyers on the Open Network for Digital Commerce. Mystore’s cutting-edge ecommerce solutions are built on StoreHippo® – the leading enterprise ecommerce platform powering top enterprise brands across the globe. Mystore enables hyperlocal businesses and SMEs to join the ONDC ecosystem and explore the vast Indian markets. Built on next-gen technology, PCI-DSS compliant, Mystore offers a level-playing field and 360-degree ecommerce solutions to businesses irrespective of their size and industry vertical.



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