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Nanahoshi Management Discloses Its Campaign Website “Optimize Yaizu (2812 JP Equity)”


Our first activist campaign website is now available

TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#2812JP–Nanahoshi Management, one of the activist investors in Japan and a shareholder of YAIZU SUISANKAGAKU INDUSTRY CO., LTD.(2812 JP Equity), today announced a disclosure of its campaign website “Optimize Yaizu”.

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Nanahoshi Management explains the issues and upside potential through its proposed solutions on the website. It believes the website facilitates the discussion on increasing Yaizu’s shareholders’ value.

Topics covered:

  • Exceptional low valuation of YSK in a nutshell
  • Consideration of why YSK’s value is significantly undervalued
  • % votes in favour of the appointment of President Yamada and outcomes of institutional investors
  • Inefficient capital structure (equity-to-assets ratio of 88%) and capital allocation policy
  • Insufficient disclosure of the fraudulent labelling resulted in over 600 million yen in damages
  • Inadequate climate change risk analysis and other disclosures and large separate reserves
  • The necessity of the strategic review of the business portfolio (i.e. Marine Products segment (opm. 1-3%))
  • Withdrawal of Prime Market listing policy and maintaining of takeover defence measures
  • Inconsistency between target operating profit and target ROE in the medium-term management plan
  • Reconsideration of the purpose of a company and whether to be listed

About Nanahoshi Management Ltd.

Nanahoshi Management Ltd. is owned by Satoru Matsuhashi, CFA, CESGA. The company focuses on ESG (environment, social, societal and governance) issues and encourages management to maximise their shareholders’ value through activist activities. For more information on About Nanahoshi Management Ltd., please visit


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