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Netrack's Show and Tell of Next-generation Colocation Rack in the BICSI Event


Netrack’s participation in the BICSI event marks the beginning of a new journey of knowledge and growth. The event offered over 25,000 skilled professionals a common platform to discuss and collaborate on the latest technologies and expertise.

Netracks Show and Tell of Next-generation Colocation Rack in the BICSI Event

This time the Chennai event was grand in many ways and was attended by 60 members from all over Tamil Nadu and Neighbouring states. Professionals from various sections of the ICT community participated in the seminar to share their experiences and views on the future of technology and innovation. Among many exciting discussions, topics related to choosing the right data center racks and accessories were discussed and debated. Furthermore, since the data center is a critical part of the IT industry, the thoughts also touched on the criticality of the data center environment monitoring-an aspect to be considered.

A change in the way data centers work
Netrack, a veteran in the field of data center rack solutions, participated in this event to explain the growth opportunities of the data center industry and the various transformations it is going through. The event was attended and addressed by Mr Krishna Raj and Mr Ramesh. Mr Ramesh is the marketing head for Chennai and Mr Krishna Raj is the National Manager-Sales & Support and well versed in the digital shift that data centers around the world are going through. He narrated each aspect of change along with a solution that Netrack has designed over the years of analysis of such digital evolution.

Focus on next-generation data center racks
Krishna Raj represented Netrack and shared his vision for next-generation data center racks where 60 people participated. He began an engaging conversation with the evolving process the IT industry will go through in the next 10 years. He pointed toward the transition the IT industry is experiencing from the on-premise data center to colocation data centers due to an increase in work from home and a hybrid model of operation in the IT industries. To support this transition, he pointed out the requirements.

Need of the hour

  • Choose the right rack

  • Choose appropriate cabling

  • Choose intelligent locking

  • Choose remote power

  • Choose environmental monitoring capabilities

  • Choose remote monitoring of IT equipment

Here he mentioned Netrack’s offering as a step towards the future.

Netrack empowers data center with the following

  • Noise reduction rack feature with active silencer fan tray technology

  • Intelligence racks

  • Modular racks with scalability

  • Seismic and shock-proof racks

  • Racks with remote monitoring capability

  • Efficient airflow and thermal management

Need to choose the right rack
Here he spoke about the importance of choosing the right rack and related accessories and stressed that a well-selected rack and accessory could make the data center more efficient. He talked about the relevance of data center environment monitoring which is the deciding factor in reducing downtime and increasing the effectiveness of the data center.

The rack enclosures size and load-bearing capacity are critical determinants in choosing a rack. This is essential because it avoids any equipment damage. He explained that each data center rack has a static and dynamic load rating that confirms its load-bearing capacity. For example, NRSe, a premium product of Netrack, has a 36 kg load capacity per U.

Deciding factor for rack selection

  • Dimensions

  • Operational design

  • Structural design

  • Cooling efficiency

  • Power consumption

  • Cable management

  • Physical security

  • Material

  • Colour

Casters/Levellers or Plinth is another aspect that must be considered while choosing a data center rack to distribute load wisely. He also elaborated on the necessary PDU certifications of the racks, along with ensuring space, weight varying capacity, power consumption, and cooling efficiency of racks. Finally, he concluded the narration with Netrack’s offering of standard and certified DC accessories that will ensure better airflow management and thermal efficiency of the data center at reduced operational costs.

About Netrack
Netrack Enclosures Pvt. Ltd. is a company offering cost-efficient and reliable rack solutions that have evolved over the years to cater to technology changes. Netrack increased the relevance of data center racks and optimized them with self-cooling capabilities.

The following are the data center racks offered by Netrack that have varying load-bearing capacities:

  • NRS1/42U with 350 static loads on the caster and 750 static loads on the leveller/plinth

  • NRS/42U with 750 static loads on the caster and 1250 static loads on the leveller/plinth

  • NRSe/42U with 1500 static load on leveller/plinth

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