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Real life collector experiences remain the key focus of the third NFT stamps issue of Bhutan Post on

THIMPHU, TALLIN, February 23th, 2023 Today, to commemorate the 43rd Birth Anniversary of His Majesty The King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, Bhutan Post, the national postal operator of the Kingdom of Bhutan, releases its third NFT stamp issue on Following its long-term strategy of creating a more enhanced stamp collecting experience, the new digital stamp, comes with exclusive real life experience to eligible owners on top of digital art and limited edition scarcity approach. As announced earlier, the stamp is dedicated to the most famous sites of the Kingdom of Bhutan – the Paro Taktshang monastery, also widely known as the Tiger’s Nest.

Unlike previous NFT stamp issues, the collectors will be able to buy this stamp in Mystery Envelope format as well as individually at a fixed price. This is also the first NFT stamp which will have a mini-sheet format, digitally framed like a painting! Traditionally, it will have a 5 (five) tier scarcity structure ranging from Common to Unique digital variations, most with animated digital art motifs. However, compare to previous issues, the scarcity of Common and Rare variations is limited to 2500 and 500 copies respectively which greatly improves their collectible value to collectors.  

The most exciting element of the new NFT stamp issue, though, is an exclusive experience available to eligible owners of the Paro Taktshang NFT stamps. On top of standard Travel Benefits available to all Bhutan stamps collectors on, those who will own Super Rare, Ultra Rare or Unique variations of these stamps will enjoy a privilege to have a private meeting with the Lama of the Taktshang and gain an unforgettable experience of communicating with highly spiritual person and discussing the life questions! This in-person experience is available to any owner of the mentioned stamp scarcity tiers when a collector is travelling to Bhutan.

“As Bhutanese, we are very proud of our country, our heritage and our culture! With our NFT stamps, we are creating a new medium to experience Bhutan in many ways,” said Karma Nidup, the CEO of Bhutan Post. “It would be unwise not to employ all the possibilities offered by blockchain technology and we are proud to be among the first postal operators offering these opportunities to global stamp collecting community. Bhutan Post’s digital transformation of our philatelic heritage is an important building block in a wider long-term national strategy to create the digital Bhutan with a variety of Metaverse experiences for virtual visitors.”   

“Traditional stamp collecting has a strong intellectual background! NFT stamp collecting can add an appealing layer of entertaining and rewarding elements to this amazing hobby,” said Andrii Shapovalov, CEO of Stampsdaq Estonia. “Bhutan Post fully embraced this vision and, together, we are creating this layer in close cooperation with different participants of the global postal industry by adding a very tangible real life experience opportunities for collectors.”

The Monastery of Taktshang NFT stamp issue is the first in the series of digital stamps under the Monasteries of Bhutan theme with more to be released in the coming years.

Media Contacts:

For Stampsdaq Estonia OU:
Andrii Shapovalov
Chief Executive Officer

For Bhutan Post:
Jigme Choden
Head of Philately Division

About Bhutan Post

Bhutan Postal Corporation Limited (Bhutan Post) established in 1996 is the national designated operator of the Kingdom of Bhutan providing postal services – domestic and international mail and parcel logistics for close to 800000 of its citizens. Bhutan’s postage stamps had been widely recognized by stamp collectors around the world for its unusual design and materials, promoting the country’s nature, architecture, culture, heritage and social life amongst others.

About Stampsdaq

Stampsdaq is an EU-based NFT company founded in 2021 and exclusively dedicated to cooperating with designated postal operators worldwide. Its recently launched platform for NFT Stamps is designed to bridge the interests of postal operators and the global community of collectors. Stampsdaq provides a One-Stop-Shop solution with no investment required from a postal operator side. The company promotes and implements “Collect with Benefits” vision of creating an extra utility value and real-world experiences for NFT Stamps owners to drive the interest to NFT Stamps collecting and to stamp collecting in general. Stampsdaq currently holds several license agreements with different designated postal operators and is in active negotiations with over 60 postal operators worldwide. It is also an associate member of the Consultative Committee and World Association for Development of Philately (WADP) of the Universal Postal Union.  

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