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Oizom’s Patented E-Breathing Technology Is Changing The Way Industries And Authorities Monitor Air Quality


AHMEDABAD, India, March 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Oizom, a leading air monitoring solutions provider, uses its innovative patented e-breathing technology in its devices. They have developed this revolutionary solution to significantly enhance the longevity and accuracy of air quality sensors by protecting them from direct exposure to harsh climate conditions. Industries and authorities from 50+ countries are already using this technology with a positive outcome.

Kruti Davda, Environmental Lead of Oizom, explains the significance of this breakthrough, stating, “Our unique patented e-breathing technology represents a major leap forward in environmental monitoring. By shielding our sensors from direct exposure to harsh weather conditions, we ensure they last longer and operate more accurately. This significant advancement helps us provide even more reliable and accurate air quality data to industries.”

Oizom stands aside from its competitors with its e-breathing technology, where sensors are placed inside the monitors. This protects the sensors from harsh environmental conditions like rain, snow, and dust, which can negatively impact the accuracy and lifespan of the sensors.

One of the most significant benefits of this technology is its ability to increase the longevity of the sensors, resulting in cost savings for clients over time. Additionally, the e-breathing technology allows for greater accuracy in air quality monitoring, providing more reliable data that can be useful to make informed decisions about health and safety.

Oizom is committed to providing the industries with the most reliable and accurate air monitoring solutions. The e-breathing technology is a testament to that commitment, and they look forward to helping various industries and organisations monitor accurate data to achieve their sustainability goals.

About Oizom

Oizom is committed to delivering sustainable and trustworthy air quality monitoring solutions to a range of industries and organisations. Their accurate and affordable air quality monitors promise reliable insights in extreme climate conditions. Whether it’s through real-time air quality monitoring, weather tracking, or energy efficiency measurement, Oizom’s solutions provide critical insights that help organisations make data-driven decisions for a better and sustainable future.

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