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Pay a Visit to Clove Dental Regularly for Safe Dental Health to keep Fatal Illnesses Away

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In this fast-paced modern age, where illnesses are highly prevalent and more likely to occur, Oral Health is often neglected. Mere anticipation that Oral Health won’t result in any fatal illness has been the cause of this neglect even for those conditions where oral health results in fatal illness such as Oral Cancer and Precancerous conditions. This notion is extremely risky especially for patients suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes or heart conditions etc. The awareness for Oral Health has been in demand for the same reasons and November is one month, when we celebrate multiple health awareness days such as National Cancer Awareness Day, World Diabetes Day and the whole month is also dedicated to Stomach Cancer Awareness Month. These conditions are closely related to Oral Health and raising awareness to these conditions is another step to strengthen the general health. On this note, Clove Dental, the leading Dental care brand in India wants to spread awareness amongst the target audience to pursue them to take the right step.

Poor oral health, tooth loss and gum infection have been proposed as possible risk factors for many chronic diseases. As per Harvard’s 28 years of follow up research, history of gum disease has been related to increased risk of esophageal cancer and stomach cancer. While daily brushing and flossing are simple tools to prevent gingivitis or mild periodontitis, casual neglect often lead to longer problem and unrepairable damage to gums and raw bone.

Dental issues may affect anybody, young or old, so it is important that good Oral Health is maintained by all. Maintaining regular Oral hygiene is the key to this practice along with regular and timely assessment of one’s oral condition. While WHO recommends visit to dentist once in 6 months, data from India shows only 19% of population visit to dentist twice in a year, 28% visit once in one year and 18% almost never. The importance of visiting a dentist compliments patient’s efforts to self-oral care. Hence educating patients and healthcare professional is the guiding step to achieve overall good health. Clove Dental offers expert dental staff at a number of dental clinic locations that are well-equipped and use advanced technology that diagnose developing problems. Pandemic has only taught us to be more vigilant and provide safer environment for patients and dental professionals. For many years, Clove Dental’s 4-step sterilization procedure has set itself apart from clinical practice in general. All dentists and dental assistants at Clove Dental have access to a variety of sterilization and disinfection methods including PPE (Personal protective Equipment). The cutting edge technologies and tools for these in the dental field are being maintained at each and every Clove’s 350 contemporary clinics.

Lt Gen Dr. Vimal Arora, the Chief Clinical Officer at Clove Dental stated that, “The incidence and prevalence of Oral conditions which directly or indirectly affects the general health are on increase. One visit to ‘your dentist‘ can help diagnose the problem in time and save you from complex problems. Hence, regular dental check-ups have to be kept as a part of your monthly plan. As the adage goes, “Prevalence is better than cure. Visit the closest Clove Dental Clinic to you right now for no regrets.”

About Clove Dental

Clove Dental is the largest network of dental clinics in India. Since its inception in 2011, the brand has been persistent in its vision and ardently strives to offer global standards of dentistry in every neighborhood across the subcontinent. Spread across 380+ clinics, Clove manages an excess of 35,000+ patients every month. In addition, they have conducted over 1.1 million treatments in the last ten years. Clove Dental is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and technology, has more than 800 dentists on its payroll in its 350 clinics across India, and sets the highest thresholds for hygiene, clinic safety, transparency, ethics, and customer service.

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