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Predicine to Introduce PredicineALERT™ MRD Assay and


HAYWARD, Calif., April 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Predicine, a global molecular insights company, announced today that it will present data from 12 studies and introduce PredicineALERT™, a next-generation Minimal Residual Disease (MRD) liquid biopsy assay at the 2023 AACR Conference on April 14-19, 2023. PredicineALERT™ provides a generalized approach to MRD testing – an assay without the requirement for personalized individual probe designs, but instead utilizes methylation profiling.

Key highlights of the PredicineALERT™ MRD assay include:

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Tumor-naive MRD detection without the need of personalizationFast turn-around-time (TAT) down to 6 daysSample input using as low as 2.5ng cell-free DNA

Predicine will also present twelve posters demonstrating the clinical utility and effectiveness of Predicine’s liquid biopsy platform across a multitude of indications, clinical trials, and profiling applications.

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A complete list of Predicine Posters:

Presentation Schedule Title Poster NumSunday, Apr 16 | 1:30pm – 5:00pm        • Tissue – informed ctDNA MRD assay detects post-surgery residual disease in HCC patients 1020  • Liquid biopsy-based comprehensive genomic profiling reveal mutational landscape in advanced breast cancer 1049  • Development of a rapid, highly sensitive cell-free RNA NGS assay for the detection of gene fusions and splicing variants in cancers 221  • Development of a novel urine cell-free DNA preservation method for molecular profiling in genitourinary tumors 245       Monday, Apr 17 | 9:00am – 12:30pm        •  Adverse clinical outcomes and distinct genomic phenotype of BRCA-deficient metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer 2303  • Comparative genomic profiling and disease monitoring in unresectable gastric and colon cancer 2197  • Long term result and ctDNA correlatives for CAPOX BETR: A multi-center phase II trial of capecitabine, oxaliplatin, bevacizumab and trastuzumab for previously untreated HER2 positive metastatic gastroesophageal adenocarcinoma CT155       Tuesday, Apr 18 | 1:30 – 5:00pm        •  Liquid biopsy-based comprehensive genomic profiling reveal mutational landscape in real world patients with unresectable NSCLC 5582  •  Prostatic fluid-based cfDNA methylation profiling distinguish benign hyperplasia from prostate cancer 4745       Wednesday, Apr 19 | 9:00 – 12:30pm        •  The development of a tumor-agnostic liquid biopsy assay for minimal residual disease detection and monitoring in cancers 6598    •  Targeted liquid biopsy mutation profiling and cfDNA copy-number landscape in 3000 samples from six major cancer indications 6685  •  Comparative analysis of blood-based tumor fraction estimation in 300 cancer patients  6562       

“Predicine is excited to introduce the next-generation MRD assay, PredicineALERT™,” said Shidong Jia, Founder and global CEO of Predicine. “The PredicineALERT assay represents a methylation-based approach to MRD testing without personalization, minimizing the operational burden from the current tumor-informed personalized MRD assay. In collaboration with our biopharma and academic partners, we are glad to see the analytical and clinical feasibility data utilizing cell-free DNA (cfDNA) to enable global clinical trials, CDx development, and patient testing.”

About Predicine

Predicine is a global molecular insights company committed to advancing precision medicine in oncology and infectious disease diagnostics. Predicine is developing proprietary technologies for cell-free DNA and cell-free RNA liquid biopsy to enable minimally invasive molecular diagnoses for early cancer detection, treatment selection, therapy response, minimal residual disease monitoring, and disease progression. The Predicine portfolio includes blood, urine, and tissue based NGS assays designed for globally harmonized use in research, clinical investigation, and companion diagnostic (CDx) development. Through its business operations in Silicon Valley, Houston, Chicago, Shanghai, Beijing, Suzhou, and Harbin, Predicine is partnering and collaborating with leading biopharma companies, institutions, and governments to support personalized healthcare on a global scale. Further information is available on the company websites, Stay in touch on LinkedIn or @Predicine on Twitter.

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Predicine, Inc.

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