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Presenting the extravagance of Italian appliances with design conversations and culinary experience


An initiative by Energia, Smeg presents its appliances at Acetech

MUMBAI, India, Nov. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — An efficient and holistic concoction of sleek and contemporary design, state-of-the-art technology and lively colours defines the global household appliances’ brand – Smeg. With roots in the design capital of the world, Italy, the Smeg group strives to express essential qualities such as satisfaction of use, longevity, and sustainability in all their products. Their minimalist designs meet maximum simplicity of use, alongside smart resource management, paving the way for the future.

Introducing this international excellence to the Indian Subcontinent is Energia, keeping abreast of the innovations and furtherance in the industry. Founded by Mr. Ajit Chavan and Mr. Bhavin Thaker Energia features a myriad of home appliances catering to the diverse needs and requirements of consumers, bringing in faith, hope, love and luck, much like a four-leaf clover.

Acetech, Asia’s leading trade fair for AEC Industry, took place in the financial capital of the country from 10th November 2022 to 13th November 2022. Smeg set up its own booth at this prestigious affair with the intent of exposing the stellar names of this industry to the avant-garde products by Smeg. Top-tier architects and interior designers from Mumbai were invited to the exhibit to become familiar with the types of equipment and appliances. This experience was enriched by the presence of Celebrity Chef Sanjyot Keer during the inaugural function, and Celebrity Chef Rakhee Vaswani conducting a live culinary event. Concentrating on the interlinkage between space and culinary arts, the architects and designers witnessed the kitchen, in real-time, and enjoyed a scrumptious meal, amplifying the involvement in the event. This was followed by ‘Designed for Luxury’, a talk show, which would foster interesting interactions and exchange of ideas around the proficiency of Smeg products. Apart from this, joining everyone at the exhibit for the first three days of the fair was the Global Sales Head for Smeg, all the way from Italy, Mr. Paolo Romani. A man of his stature, he is also one of the dignitaries who shared the stage with the Chief Minister of Maharashtra at the inauguration of the Acetech Exhibition.

The presence of noteworthy and luminary personalities like the Global Sales Head for Smeg, and celebrity Chefs Sanjot Keer and Rakhee Vaswani alongside the big names in the architecture and design industry rendered the event to be a great turnaround for Energia and Smeg, creating a path for these gadgets to reach Indian households.

About Smeg 

Colour, design and technology. Smeg has designed innovative household appliances for all everyday environments since 1948. The headquarters are situated in Guastalla, in Emilia Romagna, where the passion for research begins. Vision, intuition, international reach: owing to a business culture that places the utmost attention on quality, on technological contents with an extreme focus on energy savings, the Smeg Group is recognised on an international scale as a mastermind of excellence Made in Italy. Thanks to increasingly cutting-edge interfaces and different programming solutions, every single Smeg household appliance meets the various needs of the user in full respect of maximum simplicity of use and smart resource management. The brand identifies with the features of Italian design, such as inventive elegance, originality and quality products. This aspect is not just based on a question of styling but it is rather the expression of the origin of the Brand itself and of its passion.



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