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Proto Inc.’s Hologram Inventions Get Canadian Patent


Toronto, Ont. , March 23, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Proto Inc. the holographic display and communications platform has had its 2022 USPTO patent recognized by the Canadian Intellectual Property Office’s department of Innovation, Science, and Economic Development for the company’s holographic display devices and methods. Invented in 2018, Proto has made global headlines for beaming executives, athletes, entertainers, educators, and artists around the world to make deeper connections, while saving time and money, and reducing carbon damage. 

Canadian patent #3146969 recognizes Proto Founder and CEO David Nussbaum as the inventor of “a holographic display device and methods of use for displaying a hologram-like image on a transparent monitor positioned at the front end of a three-dimensional interior lit display box.” 

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Proto is the first self-contained, plug & play, human-sized, portable hologram device, which runs on the Proto OS and the cloud and is constantly updated with new and exciting software features and applications including the new Proto mobile beam app. The Proto M, a desktop version of the Epic, which also runs on Proto’s proprietary OS and software platform, began shipping in Q4 2022. Proto recently won its 4th Innovation Award from CES and was named to Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies list for the second year in a row. 

The patent describes Proto as “A holographic display device for presenting a hologram-like image…[providing] a realistic appearance. A unique image capturing system for capturing the image to be displayed on the transparent monitor is also disclosed. The image capturing system transmits the image to the holographic display device in real-time or as a pre-recorded image….” The document also points out Proto’s on-board cameras and speakers, making it self-contained and capable of telepresence.

“This recognition of the originality of Proto’s hardware and methods means so much to our whole team of executives and engineers,” said Proto Inc. Inventor and CEO David Nussbaum. “Canada has been home to some truly memorable accomplishments for Proto – this patent will help us protect our IP and continue to innovate.”

In Canada, Proto and its regional outpost Proto Canada, have worked with Cadillac Fairview, VinFast, Diageo, Just For Laughs and the Canadian Walk of Fame. Proto has also participated in Rogers SportsNet’s NHL events. Proto is active in many fields from entertainment to education to retail and is rapidly growing as an enterprise telecommunications solution working with major financial institutions and Fortune 500 companies. The company has been recognized as the leader in holographic communications by the BBC, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, CNBC, and more. Clients and users include Verizon, Walmart, AT&T, PwC, Virgin Media 02, DHL, IWC, T-Mobile, HBO, Netflix, Christie’s, Schroders, Kia, BT, CBS Sports HQ, Dartmouth College and many more.

Doug Barry, Proto Inc.’s Co-Founder and CFO/COO said, “Our investors, like Tim Draper, recognized the originality and value of creating the world first and only Holographic OS and tech platform which features seamless mobile live beaming, enterprise level cloud CMS, fleet management, and a native app ecostsyem to scale Proto’s patented hardware and software globally.”

Proto has worked with Nolan Heimann to secure its U.S. and worldwide intellectual property rights.

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About Proto Inc.
Proto is the global creator, and leading provider, of the award winning and patented Proto OS & holographic communications platform. With 100s of Proto units permanently deployed globally, and with a growing live events, production, and rental division, Proto is beaming people, brands and digital assets worldwide. Proto has become the fastest growing communications & marketing solution in retail, hospitality, entertainment, healthcare, education, financial services, tech and the arts. Proto is a 4X honoree at the CES Innovation awards and has been named to Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies list two years in a row. Proto is a VC and mega-celebrity backed technology company based in Los Angeles with satellite showrooms and distributors in New York, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Nashville, Toronto, London, Paris, Taipei, Milan, Brisbane, Jakarta, and Seoul. More info at

Canada has recognized Proto’s hologram patent

Proto’s David Nussbaum and Hologram Howie Mandel

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