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QPR Software Plc Interim Report January-March 2023


QPR SOFTWARE PLC             STOCK EXCHANGE RELEASE          3 May 2023, AT 9.00 AM EET

QPR Software Plc interim report January-March: SaaS net sales increased by 64% and net sales by 2%. The EBITDA became positive, but the operating result was a loss. QPR Software Named Visionary in 2023 in Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Process Mining Tools -report



SaaS software business grew +64%Net sales amounted to EUR 2,237 thousand, an increase of 2% (January-March 2022: 2,201)EBITDA was EUR 26 thousand (-201)Operating result (EBIT) amounted to EUR -225 thousand (-472)Result before taxes was EUR -264 thousand (-483) Result was EUR -269 thousand (-380)Earnings per share was EUR -0,017 (-0,032)


The exceptional circumstances caused by increased interest rate, inflation, and a market downturn in Europe continue to affect new customer acquisition, companies’ investments, and prolong decision-making in early 2023.  

Supported by the current contract base and the projected growth of SaaS (Software as a Service) net sales, QPR expects the growth of SaaS net sales to be more than 35% and estimates that the entire net sales increase in 2023 (2022: 7,823 thousand euros).

The company expects the EBITDA to improve considerably and reach the break-even point in the financial year 2023. The EBITDA in 2022 was – 1,753 thousand euros.


“The year 2023 has generally started in an uncertain market situation. Regarding acquiring new customers, the general economic uncertainty has clearly postponed customers’ decisions and the launch of new tenders. At the beginning of the year, we succeeded in expanding individual contracts with our existing customers. This indicates high customer satisfaction and our ability to respond quickly to our customers’ needs with our high-quality solutions and services.

The company’s first quarter net sales increased slightly (2%) from the comparison period after a longer period of decline. SaaS (Software as a Service) net sales grew by 64%, mainly boosted by the significant agreement announced at the end of December 2022. The company’s operating result was negative but improved significantly from the comparison period. The net sales of renewable software licenses decreased (-22%), which is, however, in line with the company’s current SaaS business model. The company’s recurring net sales increased by 22%.

The consulting net sales continued to decrease from the comparison period. The most significant factor is the difficulties in the Middle East software delivery projects sold in previous years. At the end of 2022, the company had to reassess the profitability of several software delivery projects concluded during 2020–2021, as well as the realization of related contract revenues and invoicing. The projects in question are fixed-price implementations of software solutions in the application area of strategy and performance management for public administration customers in the Middle East.

Previously, it was estimated that the projects in question would be completed at the beginning of the second quarter of 2023. There have been delays in the projects, but our goal is to finish them by the end of the second quarter of the year. These projects continue to strain the company’s profitability until they are completed. The discussion with the client about the continuation of the project has been started.

I started as CEO of the company at the beginning of March 2023. In the first quarter of the year, we adapted the company’s operations and enhanced the implementation of the strategy. The organizational structure has been condensed so that it enables even more efficient performance of growth-oriented investments.

QPR Software has been a pioneer of process mining technology since 2010, having a solid forerunner and vision of customers’ changing needs in the highly competitive process mining market. I am incredibly proud of our achievement of being named a visionary in Gartner’s March 2023 Magic Quadrant™ for Process Mining Tools. According to Gartner, “visionaries” are innovators who move the market forward by responding to new, growing demands of high-end customers and providing them with new opportunities for success. Typically, these players appeal to leading customers in their industries.

According to the report, the latest development in process mining comes from QPR ProcessAnalyzer, which runs natively on the Snowflake Data Cloud. This means solving performance, scalability, and security issues. With QPR’s process mining solution, users can use Snowflake’s virtually limitless scalability, finding process inefficiencies in even billions of data rows in the blink of an eye. The solution comes with direct and real-time access to the data in the Snowflake Data Cloud. Data management, authentication, and access rights are perfectly synchronized with Snowflake. QPR is the first and only Process Mining Powered by Snowflake software partner worldwide.

Process mining using Snowflake Data Cloud technology has shown interest among new and existing customers, and we currently have several POC (Proof Of Concept) projects underway. The general market situation is also reflected here, and customers’ decision-making is slow.

More than 80% of Snowflake’s customers are in the US market, where QPR is not present. The company plans to explore the possibility of building a partner ecosystem to take this unique process mining solution to the US market.

I am particularly pleased to report that we have also promoted several strategic partnerships during the first quarter. The partnership agreement with Solution BI, which specializes in data analysis and performance management, is an excellent example of how innovations and the value produced for our customers are strategically created together. Solution BI has included process mining and QPR ProcessAnalyzer as part of its offering, enabling them to help their customers understand their operations with the help of data and support organizations’ investment decisions and transformations in all business areas. Our solutions and services complement each other and speed up the utilization of new innovations to benefit our current and new customers’ business.

Despite the current challenging operating environment, QPR has a solid core business, which is backed by growth opportunities and a growing market. Our technological capabilities, our innovation, and the strategic partnerships that support it offer us the opportunity to help many new customers in achieving their business goals. We are pleased that the first quarter shows a clear improvement compared to the comparison period. After a challenging last year, in the current market situation, the company’s business space is tight in terms of cash resources and equity ratio, while operations are still loss-making. The company is actively taking measures to reach the guidance given for the financial year 2023.

I warmly thank our customers and stakeholders for their trust in QPR at the beginning of this year. I would also like to thank all our employees for their dedication and hard work for the company’s future and success.”

Heikki Veijola

Chief Executive Officer


EUR in thousands,
unless otherwise indicatedJan-Mar,
2022     Net sales2,2372,20127,823EBITDA26-201113-1,753 % of net sales1.2-9.1 -22.4Operating result-225-47252-2,770 % of net sales-10.1-21.5 -35.4Result before tax-264-48345-2,864Result for the period-269-38029-2,868 % of net sales-12.0-17.3 -36.7     Earnings per share, EUR
(basic and diluted)-0.017-0.03247-0.202Equity per share, EUR0.0100.0041410.030     Cash flow from operating
activities475421,032-1,798Cash and cash equivalents1726118217Net borrowings2,0411,542322,262Gearing, %1285.12998.9-57464.9Equity ratio, %3.61.41507.4Return on equity, %-333.0-631.447-625.7Return on investment, %-47.9-104.754-120.3



QPR Software innovates, develops, sells, and delivers software and services in international markets aimed at facilitating operational development in organizations. QPR Software reports one operating segment: Operational development of organizations. 

In addition to this, the Company reports revenue from products and services as follows: Software licenses, Renewable software licenses, Software maintenance services, SaaS (Software-as-a-service,) and Consulting.

Recurring revenue reported by the Company consists of SaaS revenue, Renewable software licenses, and Software maintenance services. Software licenses are sold to customers for perpetual use or for an agreed, limited period. Renewable software licenses are sold to customers as a user right for an indefinite duration. These contracts are automatically renewed at the end of the agreed period, usually one year, unless the agreement is terminated within the notice period. Renewable license revenue is recognized at one point in time, at the beginning of the invoicing period.

Geographical areas reported are Finland, the rest of Europe (including Russia and Turkey), and the rest of the world. Net sales are reported according to the customer ́s headquarters location. The company has closed its business and partnerships in Russia for the time being.


QPR’s purpose is to help customers achieve more with less. We help our customers drive process and business transparency, ensure that their operations are run as required and designed, and create actionable intelligence where modern AI meets thought leadership.

We do so by innovating, developing, and delivering software for analyzing, monitoring, and modelling organizations’ operations. To ensure maximum customer value, we also offer a wide range of complementary consulting services. By providing organizations with the technologies and methods to transform the invisible into visible and the unknown into manageable, they are empowered to reach long-lasting, continuous results.



EUR in thousandsJan-Mar,
2022     Software licenses17913335560Renewable software licenses302388-22583Software maintenance services422463-91,803SaaS575350641,738Consulting759868-133,139Total2,2372,20127,823



EUR in thousandsJan-Mar,
2022     Finland1,0781,161-74,126Europe incl. Turkey940677392,745Rest of the world220363-39953Total2,2372,20127,823


The net sales for January-March was 2,237 thousand euros (2,201) and it grew by 2%. The share of net sales from continuous income was 45% (37) of the total net sales. The net sales of new software licenses was 179 thousand euros (133) and it grew by 35%, mainly due to the significant contract concluded in the last quarter of last year with a leading global pharmaceutical company, one batch of which was signed in January-March 2023. During the beginning of the year, we also succeeded in expanding individual contracts with existing customers.

The net sales of renewable software licenses decreased to 302 thousand euros (388), which was mainly due to the company’s strategic focus shifting to the SaaS business model.

The net sales of software maintenance services was 422 thousand euros (463) and decreased by 9% due to international channel sales and current customers switching to SaaS services.

SaaS revenue grew by 64%, to 575 thousand euros (350). SaaS growth accelerated partly due to a major deal announced in the last quarter of 2022 with a pharmaceutical company, along with other undisclosed deals, and less due to the transition from licenses to a SaaS model.

The entire offer backlog at the end of the quarter was 7,000 thousand euros (Q4; more than 7,300 thousand euros) and the annual estimate of the SaaS offer base for the next 12 months was more than 1,200 thousand euros (Q4; more than 1,200 thousand euros).

QPR is developing its Lead-to-Cash process, and the bidding phase will have strict qualitative evaluation requirements. During the fourth quarter, the first parts of the process related to the Lead-to-Deal process were implemented. The development of the process may lead to a reduction in the offer pool, albeit with a proportionality and a higher success rate.

The net sales of consulting was 759 thousand euros (868) and it decreased by 13% due to the higher net sales of the Middle East project recorded during the first quarter of the reference year 2022.

48% (53) of the group’s net sales came from Finland, 42% (31) from the rest of Europe (including Turkey) and 10% (16) from the rest of the world.


January-March 2023

The group’s EBITDA in January-March was 26 thousand euros (-201) and the operating result was -225 thousand euros (-472). The result of the period was -269 thousand euros (-380) and was higher than in the comparison period of 2022, although the January-March 2022 operating result included tax receivables of 103 thousand euros. The tax receivables in question were written off in the second quarter of the reference year 2022.

The group’s fixed expenses were 2,068 thousand euros (2,345), 11% lower than the comparison period due to the personnel reductions and savings implemented in the last quarter of 2022, the effect of which was partially reduced by investments in product development and higher subcontracting costs of projects in the Middle East.

The credit losses, which are included in the fixed expenses were three (1) thousand euros (32).

The result before taxes was -264 thousand euros (-483) and the result for the review period was -269 thousand euros (-380). Earnings per share were EUR -0.017 (-0.032) per share.


Cash flow from operations in the review period January-March was 475 thousand euros (42). The change in operating cash flow compared to the first quarter of the comparison period 2022 was due to operating profit and changes in working capital. Accounts receivables were lower compared to the comparison period due to the advance of the invoicing cycle in the end of the year. Additionally, the contract with the pharmaceutical company published earlier brought a significant change in operating cash flow, which was partly reduced by the Middle East project, as well as higher costs related to product development.

The net financial expenses were 39 thousand euros (10) and they included exchange losses of 4 thousand euros (4).

The investments were 275 thousand euros (344), and they were mainly product development investments.

The net cash flow from financing was -45 thousand euros, consisting mainly of interest expenses.

The financial situation of the group is unavoidable. At the end of the review period, the group’s cash and cash equivalents were 172 thousand euros (61) and short-term receivables were 1,685 thousand euros (2,200). The company has changed its billing cycle and made its collection more efficient. In addition, the group has available other short-term cash resources of 500 thousand euros. At the end of the review period, the group had bank loans, of which long-term 1.0 million euros and short-term 500 thousand euros. Covenants are attached to the loan, which are based on the company’s EBITDA and equity ratio. The EBITDA of the covenants is tested every six months, and the equity ratio is tested annually according to the situation on the last day of the year.

The company renewed the financing agreement with its main financing bank on January 24, 2023, according to which the previous short-term loan of EUR 1.5 million will be converted into a long-term loan. According to the financing agreement, the first installment of 0.5 million euros is due on January 31, 2024. After this, installments of 0.5 million euros are due annually in January. The last loan repayment date is January 24, 2026. The company withdraw the loan during the first quarter of the year.

Net debt in relation to equity (gearing) was 1285% (3026) and the equity ratio at the end of the review period was 3.6% (1.4). The net debt ratio and the equity ratio were affected by the decrease in equity and cash resources, as well as the 5.5-year lease agreement made in the last quarter of 2022, which is related to the head office premises, where the monthly rental costs are significantly lower.


QPR innovates and develops software products that analyze, measure, and model operations in organizations. The Company develops the following software products: QPR ProcessAnalyzer, QPR EnterpriseArchitect, QPR ProcessDesigner, and QPR Metrics.

In the first quarter of the year, product development expenses were EUR 510 thousand (604). Product development expenses worth EUR 270 thousand (344) were capitalized. The amortization of capitalized product development expenses was EUR 171 thousand (167).

The amortization period for capitalized product development expenses is four years.


At the end of the financial year, the Group employed a total of 65 people (79). The average number of personnel during January-March was 67 (75). The number of personnel has decreased due to change negotiations that ended in the last quarter of 2022.

The average age of employees was 45,5 (43,7) years. Women account for 26% (25) of employees, and men for 74% (75). Of all the personnel, 16% (18) work in sales and marketing, 43% (42) in consulting and customer service, 29% (31) in product development and 12% (9) in administration.

For incentive purposes, the company has a bonus program covering the entire personnel. The top management’s short-term remuneration consists of monetary salary, fringe benefits and a possible annual bonus, mainly determined by the net sales development of the group and profit units. In addition, the company has an option program for key personnel.


Trading of sharesJan-Mar,
2022     Shares traded, pcs483,326755,902-362,263,135Volume, EUR304,2571,120,862-732,315,155% of shares3.06.3-5214.1Average trading price, EUR0.631.48-581.02Average trading value per day, EUR12074448-739187Treasury shares acquired during the year, pcs0000Shares and market capitalizationMar 31,
2023Mar 31,
%Dec 31,
2021     Total number of shares, pcs16,455,32112,444,8633216,455,321Treasury shares, pcs413,487457,009-10413,487Book counter value, EUR0.110.11-0.11Outstanding shares, pcs16,041,83411,987,8543416,041,834Number of shareholders1,7941,577141,747Closing price, EUR0.691.34-480.56Market capitalization, EUR11,036,78216,003,785-318,983,427Book counter value of all treasury
shares, EUR45,48450,271-1045,484Total purchase value of all treasury
shares, EUR405,726439,307-8405,726Treasury shares, % of all shares2.53.7-31.62.5

The number of shares in the company increased (4,010,458 new shares) compared to the comparison period due to the rights issue organized by the company in the second quarter of 2022.

All the related stock exchange releases can be found in the Investors section of the Company’s website.


In March 2022, the Board of Directors gave notice to the shareholders of QPR Software Plc that the Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 6, 2022. The Board of Directors of the Company resolved on extraordinary measures pursuant to the temporary legislation approved by the Finnish Parliament. In order to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Annual General Meeting was held without shareholders’ presence at the Meeting venue. Participation and exercise of shareholder rights in the Meeting was possible only by way of proxy representation, by submitting counterproposals, and by asking questions in advance.

The Annual General Meeting approved the Board’s proposal that no dividend be paid for the financial year 2021. The Annual General Meeting made an advisory decision on the Remuneration Report and decided to approve the presented Remuneration Report.

The Annual General Meeting resolved that the number of Board Members is four (4) and elected Pertti Ervi, Matti Heikkonen, Antti Koskela, and Jukka Tapaninen members of the Company ́s Board of Directors. The term of office of the members of the Board of Directors expires at the end of the next Annual General Meeting. At its organizing meeting, the Board of Directors elected Pertti Ervi as its Chairman.

The Annual General Meeting elected Authorized Public Accountants KPMG Oy Ab as QPR Software ́s auditor with Miika Karkulahti, Authorized Public Accountant, acting as principal auditor.  The term of office of the auditor expires at the end of the next Annual General Meeting 3 May 2023.

The Annual General Meeting decided to authorize the Board of Directors to decide on the conveyance of the own shares held by the Company (share issue) either on one or on several occasions. The share issue can be carried out as a share issue against payment or without consideration on terms to be determined by the Board of Directors.

The Annual General Meeting decided also on the establishment of the shareholders’ nomination committee. According to the situation in October 2022, the company’s three largest shareholders were each entitled to nominate one member. If the shareholder does not use naming right, the right is transferred to the next largest owner.

Roger Kempe, Erkki Myllärniemi, and Eero Leskinen were appointed to the nomination committee of QPR’s shareholders.

The nomination committee of QPR Software’s shareholders prepares and presents to the general meeting the proposals regarding the remuneration of the board members, the number, and the members to be elected to the board. The now-elected nomination committee will submit its proposal to the company’s board for the 2023 annual general meeting at the latest on the fourth Monday of January preceding the next Annual General Meeting.

The Shareholders’ Nomination Committee submitted the proposals to the Annual General Meeting 2023, to re-elect Pertti Ervi as Chairman of Board and Matti Heikkonen, Antti Koskela, and Jukka Tapaninen as Board members. All the nominees have given their consent to the position, and they are independent of the company and of the company’s significant shareholders. The Board’s Nomination Committee proposes that the remuneration of the Board members be kept unchanged.

The Annual General Meeting is planned to be held on May 3, 2023. The proposals will be also included in the annual general meeting invitation, which will be announced later.

All relevant stock exchange releases and the company’s annual report 2022 can be found on the company’s website in the Investors section.


Internal control and risk management at QPR Software aim to ensure that the Company operates efficiently and effectively, distributes reliable information, complies with regulations and operational principles, reaches its strategic goals, reacts to changes in the market and operational environment, and that business continuity is secured considering the financial position.

The Company has identified the following three groups of risks related to its operations: risks related to business operations (country, customer, personnel, legal), risks related to information and products (QPR products, IPR, data privacy and security), and risks related to financing and liquidity (foreign currency, short-term cash flow).

The Company has an insurance policy covering property, operational, and liability risks. Financial risks include reasonable credit risk concerning individual business partners, which is characteristic of any international business. QPR seeks to limit this credit risk by continuously monitoring standard payment terms, receivables, and credit limits.

Approximately 70% of the Group’s trade receivables were in euros at the end of the quarter (73%). At the end of the quarter, the Company had not hedged its non-euro trade receivables.


The company has no reportable events after the review period.


During 2023, QPR will publish financial announcements in Finnish and English as follows:

Half-year report January-June 2023 on Friday 21 July 2023Interim report January-September 2023 on Friday 20 October 2023

QPR’s annual report 2022 was published on 20 March 2023 and QPR’s 2023 annual general meeting will be held on Wednesday 3 May 2023. The board of directors has convened the general meeting with a separately published invitation.

The annual report can be found on the company’s website in the Investors section.



For further information:

Heikki Veijola

Chief Executive Officer

QPR Software Plc

Tel. +358 40 922 6029

About QPR Software

QPR Software Plc (Nasdaq Helsinki) provides process mining, performance management, and enterprise architecture solutions for digital transformation, strategy execution, and business process improvement in over 50 countries. QPR software allows customers to gain valuable insights for informed decisions that make a difference.

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EUR in thousands, unless
otherwise indicatedJan-Mar,
2022     Net sales2,2372,20127,823Other operating income—4     Materials and services394328201,552Employee benefit expenses1,5991,811-127,214Other operating expenses218263-17814EBITDA26-201113-1,753     Depreciation and amortization251271-71,017Operating result-225-47252-2,770     Financial income and expenses-39-10-278-62Provisions—-33Result before tax-264-48345-2,864     Income taxes-5103-105-3Result for the period-269-38029-2,868          Earnings per share, EUR
(basic and diluted)-0.017-0.03247-0.202     Consolidated statement of
comprehensive income:     Result for the period-269-38029-2,868Other items in comprehensive
income that may be reclassified
subsequently to profit or loss:     Exchange differences on
 translating foreign operations10–2Total comprehensive income-268-38029-2,870



EUR in thousandsMar 31,
2023Mar 31,
%Dec 31,
2022     Assets         Non-current assets:     Intangible assets2,5131,847362,411 Goodwill3583580358 Tangible assets141186-24171 Right-of-use assets70770910756 Other non-current assets277280-1277Total non-current assets3,9972,741463,973     Current assets:     Trade and other receivables1,6852,200-233,452 Cash and cash equivalents1726118217Total current assets1,8572,261-183,469     Total assets5,8535,002177,442     Equity and liabilities         Equity:     Share capital1,3591,35901,359 Other funds2121021 Treasury shares-406-439-8-406 Translation differences-67-670-66 Invested non-restricted equity fund2,9435549322,943 Retained earnings-3,691-828-346-3,364Equity attributable to shareholders of
the parent company15951212487     Non-current liabilities:     Interest-bearing liabilities1,000— Interest-bearing lease liabilities609–609Total non-current liabilities1,609–609     Current liabilities:     Provisions8— Interest-bearing liabilities5001,500-671,521 Interest-bearing lease liabilities104105-1149 Advances received1,4381,4320885 Accrued expenses and prepaid income1,4381,277132,598 Trade and other payables597637-61,161Total current liabilities4,0854,951-176,346     Total liabilities5,6944,951156,955     Total equity and liabilities5,8535,002177,442



EUR in thousandsJan-Mar,
2022     Cash flow from operating activities:     Result for the period-269-380  29-2,868 Adjustments to the result192270 -29840 Working capital changes*583161262307 Interest and other financial
 expenses paid-27-9195-58 Interest and other financial
 income received00-0 Income taxes paid-50–21Net cash from operating activities475421,032-1,798     Cash flow from investing activities:     Purchases of tangible and
 intangible assets-275-344-20-1,353Net cash used in investing activities-275-344-20-1,355     Cash flow from financing activities:     Proceeds from short term
 borrowings1,500–1,521 Repayments of short term
 borrowings-1,500—1,500 Payment of lease liabilities-45-77-42-266 Sales of own shares—34  Share issue net—2,937Net cash used in financing activities-45-77-422,692     Net change in cash and cash
equivalents 156-379141-425Cash and cash equivalents
at the beginning of the period17441-96441Effects of exchange rate changes
on cash and cash equivalents0-1631Cash and cash equivalents
at the end of the period1726118217


EUR in thousandsShare
sharesInvested non-
equity fundRetained
earningsTotalEquity Dec 31, 20211,35921-68-4395-448430Comprehensive income  1  -380-379Equity March 31, 20221,35921-67-4395-82951Stock option scheme     -47-47Disposal of own shares   34  34Share issue ,net    2,937 2,937Comprehensive income  1  -2,488-2,487Equity Dec 31, 20221,35921-66-4062,943-3,364487Stock option scheme     -59-59Comprehensive income  -1  -268-269Equity March 31, 20231,35921-67-4062,943-3,691159




This report complies with the requirements of IAS 34” Interim Financial Reporting”.

In preparation of the consolidated interim report, company’s management is required to make estimates and assumptions regarding the future and to consider the appropriate application of accounting principles, which means that actual results may differ from those estimated.

All amounts presented in this report are consolidated figures, unless otherwise noted. The amounts presented in the report are rounded, so the sum of individual figures may differ from the sum reported. This report is unaudited.


EUR in thousandsJan-Mar,
2022    Increase in intangible assets:    Acquisition cost Jan 114,21712,84612,846 Increase2753041,371    Increase in tangible assets:    Acquisition cost Jan 12,8162,7052,705 Increase040111


EUR in thousandsJan-Mar,
2022    Interest-bearing liabilities Jan 12,2791,6821,682Proceeds from borrowings1,500800597Repayments1,5668780Interest-bearing liabilities Dec 312,2131,6042,279


EUR in thousandsJan-Mar,
2022Dec 31,
%     Business mortgages (held by the Company)2,3822,3862,3820     Minimum lease payments based on lease agreements:     Maturing in less than one year422247-11 Maturing in 1-5 years691980-13Total11141127-13     Total pledges and commitments2,4932,4262,509-1



EUR in thousandsJan-Mar,
2022      Net sales2,2372,1421,4682,0122,201Other operating income04000      Materials and services394411406407328Employee benefit expenses1,5991,9511,7111,7401,811Other operating expenses218214204135263EBITDA26-430-853-270-201      Depreciation and amortization251251249245271Operating result-225-681-1,102-515-472      Financial income and expenses-39-32-9-11-10Provisions–33—Result before tax-264-745-1,111-526-483      Income taxes-5-3–103103Result for the period-269-748-1,111-629-380


EUR in thousands, unless
otherwise indicatedJan-Mar or
Mar 31, 2023Jan-Mar or
Mar 31, 2022Jan-Dec or
Dec 31, 2022    Net sales2,2372,2017,823Net sales growth, %1.6-24.2-14.4EBITDA26-201-1,753 % of net sales1.2-9.1-22.4Operating result-225-472-2,770 % of net sales-10.1-21.5-35.4Result before tax-264-483-2,864 % of net sales-11.8-21.9-36.6Result for the period-269-380-2,868 % of net sales-12.0-17.3-36.7    Return on equity (per annum), %-333.0-631.4-625.7Return on investment (per annum), %-47.9-104.7-120.3Cash and cash equivalents1726117Net borrowings2,0411,5422,262Equity15951487Gearing, %1285.13026.4464.9Equity ratio, % balance sheet5,8535,0027,442    Investments in non-current assets2703442,324 % of net sales12.11629.7Product development expenses5106042,674 % of net sales22.82734.2    Average number of personnel677581Personnel at the beginning of period858080Personnel at the end of period657985    Earnings per share, EUR
(basic and diluted)-0.017-0.032-0.202Equity per share, EUR0.0100.0040.030

The formulas for calculating key figures can be found on the company’s website in the investors section.


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