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Rapsodo Enters Exclusive Technology Partnership with Good


ST. LOUIS, May 08, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Rapsodo, the company known for helping athletes achieve their maximum potential by providing advanced data in real time, announces a partnership with Good Good Golf for the Good Good Championship, a four-day event that kicks off today. Rapsodo’s MLM2PRO™ will be used throughout the event, which gives 63 golfers the chance to compete for 12 separate cash prizes with the winner taking home $50,000.

Good Good Golf, a team of digital content creators with a YouTube channel seeing more than 1.5 million combined subscribers, hand-picked 63 golfers to partake in the Good Good Championship at the Westin Kierland Golf Club in Scottsdale, Arizona. A qualifier will narrow the field down to 12 golfers, who will all get part of the $100,000 purse.

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Multiple Rapsodo MLM2PRO™ units will be set up for the public to test out at the driving range of the Dobson Ranch Golf Club for a night event tonight, where over 1,000 people are expected. Rapsodo will have four range spots where the MLM2PRO™ will be used. Rapsodo will also be the official shot tracer sponsor of the event. Good Good will also film a contest for the 12 participants who make it to the final round of the championship where they will compete in a separate competition using Rapsodo Combines with the MLM2PRO™ device. The golfer with the highest Combines score in that challenge will win $1,000. The MLM2PRO™ will also be used to capture metrics of golfers involved in the championship on some of the holes at Westin Kierland Golf Club.

“Rapsodo is a brand that focuses on quality, which is why partnering with Good Good Golf made sense,” Rapsodo Director of Golf Shawn Curtis said. “Good Good constantly strives to produce high quality content, and Rapsodo produces high quality devices. The MLM2PRO™ will help make the Good Good Championship that much better.”

The MLM2PRO™ is a mobile launch monitor and golf simulator that provides multiple swing replay options, advanced metrics including swing and more than 30,000 simulated courses out of the box. Released in January, the device can also show spin metrics when using Callaway® RPT™ Chrome Soft X® golf balls.

“We’ve chosen to partner with Rapsodo, because the MLM2PRO™ is a high-quality launch monitor that is affordable and accessible for our fans,” Matt Kendrick, CEO of Good Good Golf said. “We’re excited to join forces with a brand committed to helping everyday golfers improve their game while ultimately having fun on the course.”

The Good Good Championship begins today and ends May 11. It will be uploaded to YouTube at a later date.

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About Rapsodo:
Rapsodo develops data-driven sports technologies designed to empower athletes and coaches to cost-effectively analyze and improve their game, which is used by thousands of professional and collegiate teams, including all 30 MLB teams. Founded in 2010, the company developed the first affordable golf personal launch monitor, distributed in the USA under SkyTrak. In 2019, Rapsodo released its Mobile Launch Monitor which has since received many accolades, including MyGolfSpy’s 2021 Best Personal Launch Monitor. The company continues to focus on delivering a variety of sport training and simulation technologies that allow users to better understand performance through reliable statistics. This ultimately translates into Rapsodo’s motto of “Measure to Master.” Devoted to growing its business and customer base, Rapsodo was recognized as part of the prestigious Inc. 5000 list of the fastest growing private companies in 2021 and 2022. To learn more, visit

About Good Good:
Good Good Golf is an omnichannel entertainment platform designed to share the game of golf with anyone. The Good Good content-to-commerce model is a fusion of innovative content, top-of-the-line products, and exclusive events – designed to create an experience that inspires, educates, and motivates people of all age groups and skill levels to pick up a club and enjoy the game of golf. In short, we make playing golf a fun, comfortable, inclusive, and rewarding experience.

Media Contact:
Patrick Lloyd
Uproar PR for Rapsodo

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