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Ravish Kumar’s film “While We Watched” documentary leaked on YouTube


[11-09-2023] – regrets to inform you that the highly anticipated documentary “While We Watched” by renowned journalist Ravish Kumar has been leaked on YouTube. The unauthorized release of this film raises serious concerns about intellectual property rights and undermines the efforts of the filmmaker and the entire production team.

The leak of Ravish Kumar’s documentary “While We Watched” on YouTube has created a stir among the audience to watch this film. At the time of writing this story, it has received around 13k views whereas this leaked documentary was uploaded only 21 hours ago. While the film has won international acclaim and won several prestigious awards, its not yet official release in India.

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here are leaked video link

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“While We Watched” is a documentary that sheds light on the state of media and the challenges faced by journalists in today’s fast-paced digital world.

As an award-winning journalist Ravish Kumar’s work has been widely acclaimed for its depth and investigative approach. This film is a valuable addition to his body of work.

The leak of this documentary on YouTube is a clear violation of copyright laws and casts a shadow on the distribution plans and potential revenue of the film.

The “While We Watch” team must take immediate action to deal with the situation and seek legal advice to investigate the leak and hold the responsible parties accountable.

YouTube should also take prompt action to remove copyrighted material and prevent further unauthorized distribution.

We must all be committed to protecting the rights of our filmmakers and ensuring that their work gets the recognition it deserves.

In the meantime supporters of Ravish Kumar and his documentary eagerly await the official release of “While We Watched” in India. They believe that the film has the potential to inspire positive change and incite important discussions on social political and media-related issues.

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