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Rebuschain and Commerceio announce partnership to build


Schio, Italy, April 06, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today, Rebuschain and announce a blockchain partnership. The two Blockchains, built on the Cøsmos technology, IBC, and Bridge Ethereum, operate in the decentralized financial technology (DeFi) sector and will collaborate to integrate their respective technologies and services.

Rebuschain uses its Native utility Token, $REBUS, to allow a channel of asset managers and other financial institutions to manage and sell DeFi instruments alongside their traditional instruments (TradFi). Rebuschain will make use of the technology and services of In particular, Rebuschain will become a validator node of and will use its technology to implement KYC and notarization needed in the TradFi sector.

- Advertisement -, an eIDAS Compliant Blockchain that uses a Native utility Token, $COM to allow members of its network to sign and exchange documents with legal value, will take advantage of the Rebuschain technology. In particular, will become a Rebuschain validator and will use its DeFi products,, NFTID, and Rebus Vault.

The partnership envisages both parties making themselves available to exchange information about the technologies available in their portfolio to better understand their technical-commercial interaction and achieve common objectives. The partnership will aim to develop new DeFi and TradFi products and solutions on the Rebuschain platform and on the decentralized exchange, using the blockchain as a support infrastructure for the exchange of legally binding documents.

The partnership represents an important step forward for both blockchains, which will benefit from their respective technological skills and knowledge, opening up new business opportunities and consolidating their position on the Cøsmos IBC market, Bridge Ethereum technology and decentralized technologies.

About Rebuschain

RebusChain is a platform that will provide DeFi (Decentralized Finance) investment opportunities to traditional investors clearly and conveniently. By making a platform that allows TradFi houses like Asset Managers, Financial Planners, et al. to carry DeFi products, the adoption of crypto investing will open up to the entire markets of institutional and individual investors.

About Commercio is an open-source blockchain platform designed to empower users by providing a suite of essential digital tools. These tools enable the creation of electronic identities (eID), electronic signatures (eSignatures), and certified deliveries (eDelivery), all compliant with the eIDAS regulation. This compliance ensures that anyone can exchange electronic documents in a legally binding manner, revolutionizing the way individuals and businesses interact in the digital world.

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