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Regal Unlimited Celebrates 10 years of Coaching Excellence


BENGALURU, India, Dec. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — It takes a village to educate a child, similarly, it takes an ecosystem to make a good leader or coach. With this belief and a strong desire to make a difference, Regal Unlimited – a premier boutique firm specializing in leadership coaching, coach training, life coaching, and healing, started its journey on 12/12/12.

Through the decade, Regal Unlimited has established itself as a pioneer in leadership coaching and coach certification. Regal Unlimited has trained over 300 coaches and has coached more than 1000 leaders in over 50 leading organizations like TCS, Flipkart, INSEAD, and Water Inc. to name a few, thus transforming individuals with a fresh approach towards leadership.

While the popularity of coaching continues to grow, so does the evidence supporting its efficacy. For example, Harvard Business Review research concludes that coaching boosts productivity by 44%, while an ICF-commissioned study claims that coaching clients report a median ROI of 788%.

Commenting on achieving this milestone, Mr. Subash CV, Founder, Regal Unlimited said, “The journey, that we embarked upon a decade ago is going strong with more than 300+ coaches who are transforming their vision towards leadership and have touched over 1000+ lives who have actively opted for it to enhance their effectiveness. The scientific and trusted ICF process of coaching and adherence to the ICF code of ethics enabled Regal Unlimited to achieve this feat and there are many more to come over the years.”

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“Additionally, we holistically integrate western psychological theories, metaphysics, and eastern healing modalities as per the need of the client. Importantly, coaching is not just limited to CEOs, CXOs and professional leaders. It improves an individual’s persona as a parent, as a spouse, as a professional, as a leader, or as a student. We are committed with vigor towards our vision of cultivating a coaching mindset through holistic and mindful coaching techniques and best practices,” added Subash.

Regal Unlimited believes that every individual has unlimited potential to be ‘regal’ in all areas of life but most of us do not know how to harness their own potential. The firm delights into partnering, supporting, and inspiring individuals to realize their potential and achieve excellence. Like the majestic eagle their logo, which rules the skies and rules its own domain, Regal Unlimited empowers leaders to bring out their true potential as leaders, individuals, coaches, or organization as a whole.

About Regal Unlimited:

Regal Unlimited is a premier boutique firm based out of Bengaluru, specializing in leadership coaching, coach training, life coaching, and healing, It is a vibrant tribe of passionate professionals and coaches from around the world, united by a common purpose – enabling organizations, teams, and individuals to live a ‘regal life’. The firm also coaches, supports and empowers members of the coaching tribe.

Regal Unlimited, is primarily engaged in the business of shaping workplaces through corporate well-being programs, helping future-proof leadership, enabling members to become highly impactful coaches – the ICF way, and grooming leaders to embed the coaching style of leadership.

Media Contact:

Aritra Mahapatra 


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