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Revolutionizing Social Media with Blockchain and


Brooklyn, NY, May 09, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Qrolli, a pioneering social platform that uses blockchain technology and gamification to redefine user engagement and monetization, is set to become the go-to platform for the next generation of social media users. The platform empowers digital asset ownership and collaboration, offering features such as Qrolli’s Quest Hub, Qrolli ID, dynamic NFTs, and collaborative opportunities.

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Qrolli’s Quest Hub is a gamified system that encourages user engagement by offering tasks and rewards. Users can earn QR Tokens to unlock exclusive features and trade on marketplaces. Qrolli IDs provide decentralized digital identities, allowing users to mint NFTs and engage in decentralized finance activities. Dynamic NFTs enable users to monetize their social content, while collaboration opportunities foster partnerships within the crypto community.

“The Qrolli platform represents a fundamental shift in the way social media operates, as it combines the best aspects of social networking, digital asset ownership, and decentralized finance,” said a spokesperson for Qrolli.

Qrolli’s innovative approach to user engagement and monetization has garnered attention from investors and industry experts alike. The platform is poised to disrupt the social media industry, which has been plagued by privacy concerns and a lack of monetization options.

Qrolli’s commitment to blockchain technology ensures that users have complete control over their digital assets, providing a level of security and transparency that is unmatched by traditional social media platforms. Additionally, Qrolli’s focus on gamification and collaboration creates a vibrant community that fosters innovation and creativity.

“The Qrolli platform is designed to empower users, and we believe that this approach will resonate with the next generation of social media users,” said the spokesperson for Qrolli.

Qrolli is a groundbreaking social platform that leverages blockchain technology and gamification to provide a unique user experience focused on engagement, collaboration, and monetization, shaping the future of social media. For more information, visit


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