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Rodic Consultants Collaborates with YMCA Carnival 2022


Rodic Consultants collaborated with YMCA to support the annual Carnival 2022. The stellar event, which was organized at the YMCA premises in New Delhi was presided by Mr. Anshuman Krishanu, Chief Operating Officer (COO), Rodic Consultant as the Chief Guest. The YMCA Carnival 2022 brought together diverse people from all age groups who enjoyed a day filled with fun and frolic. The annual fte was a beautiful opportunity for the YMCA teachers and staff to engage and work together with the excited children. Aimed to encourage students to take up extra-curricular activities, the Carnival featured myriad educational games, which delighted children and parents alike. A wide variety of games also featured prizes, which encouraged participants to compete with enthusiasm. With an assortment of entertaining events, delectable foods and engaging programs, the event became a memorable affair for all in attendance.

Rodic Consultants Collaborates with YMCA Carnival 2022

The splendid event started with the ribbon-cutting ceremony by the Chief Guest Mr. Anshuman Krishanu, who was accompanied by the respective YMCA officials. In his inspiring speech, Mr. Krishanu lauded the YMCA administration for organising the Carnival on such a grand scale in collaboration with Rodic Consultants. He went on to wish all of the children and their parents the best of luck in the coming new year.

Beaming with pride, Mr. Anshuman Krishanu, Chief Operating Officer, Rodic Consultants said, “Rodic Consultants is proud to collaborate with YMCA to organise its annual Carnival. The YMCA Carnival 2022 is an exemplary example of how to organise an event filled with fun and enjoyment for all. Such captivating events, not only reinvigorate students and teachers, but also offer a beautiful opportunity for the students to present their talents before an appreciative audience. The YMCA annual fte helps foster a sense of responsibility in students and encourages teamwork and hard work with its educational events. This is an excellent opportunity for students to work on extra-curricular avenues with their favourite teachers and make them closer to their teachers. Rodic Consultants is always happy to interact with students and teachers during such grand events. It is our endeavour to encourage young talent and motivate them towards the importance of extra-curricular activities.

Bustling with zealous children and parents the Carnival featured a host of food and music shows, which were the highlight of the event. Enthused by the high spirits of all the participants and audience, it provided a leisure forum for all attendees to relax from their daily routines. A day filled with hustle and bustle, the stalls, with the highest collection were awarded to encourage the dedication and hard work put in by all the student volunteers. Working together with Rodic Consultants, the YMCA Carnival 2022 was a massive success as students, parents and teachers came together to create an event which won’t be soon forgotten.

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