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Sama Zakeri, the Popular Model and Actress in the Middle


Tehran, Tehran, Iran, Jan. 11, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Sama Zakeri is a top-rated influencer, model and actress in the Middle East who is set to release her new book on the Emancipation of the girl child in the Arab World. 

Sama Zakeri is set to release her new book  on the emancipation of girl child in the Arab world. The book is about a young girl who defies all odds and challenges to make it big as one of the top entertainers in the Middle East.

Sama Zakeri is an Iranian-born model and actress. She is one of the highest-paid Middle East actresses and Influencers. Zakeri, who started her career as a singer in high school, relocated to the Middle East, where she pursued a career in acting and modelling. Standing out as a promising actress, she soon found herself acting leading roles in Arab movies and modelling for high fashion lines.

As fate would have it, in less than three years, the Iranian-born star became a sensation in the Middle East, debuting in movies and walking the fashion runway  for high fashions. Sama Zakeri is one of the most hardworking, talented actresses and influencers of her time. She is loved by many, and often times her fans refer to her as the Mona Lisa of her time. The beautiful actress and model is very humble and one of the most hardworking entertainers.

Sama Zakeri has devoted her time as a humanitarian and has been providing help to the less privileged. One can never mention her without mentioning charity. Love is the only thing that the world needs to heal, according to Sama Zakeri.


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