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Sleepme® Donates $100,000 Worth of Sleep Systems to Local Veterans and the Grey Team


A non-profit veterans organization in Florida, the Grey Team’s mission is to help reduce and eliminate PTSD-related veteran suicides

CHARLOTTE, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sleepme Inc., the parent company of sleep technology brand ChiliSleep, announced today that it will provide 50 OOLER and Cube Sleep Systems to local veterans within the community and the veterans organization, Grey Team.

Sleepme Inc. will donate 25 refurbished sleep systems to local veterans and 25 to the Grey Team, a non-profit veterans organization in Florida whose core mission is to reduce veteran suicide rates.

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“The military lifestyle often includes continuous operations whether in training or deployed environments. In contrast to most civilian occupations, US military operations are around-the-clock. Unpredictable and ever-changing duty schedules and 24-hour operations are not only common during deployment to a combat zone but are also seen stateside to create a continuous information flow to and from the operating environment,” Grey Team founder Cary Reichbach said. “These stressful environments present unique sleep challenges for service members that persist even after they attempt to transition to civilian life, typically resulting in lifelong dependency on prescription sleep aids.”

Countless veterans have received what are called “non-visible” wounds during their service, and this includes TBI and PTSD. According to military statistics, of the thousands of soldiers who received non-visible wounds during their service, less than 50% receive treatment for them. Compare that to the over 95% who receive treatment for visible wounds, and the discrepancy supplies one of the reasons for the current high suicide rate.

Many of the services that Grey Team offers to veterans comes from Reichbach’s search for what worked for him after transitioning to the civilian world after his life in the Army.

Today, Grey Team offers comprehensive health and wellness programs, one-on-one personal training, yoga, cryotherapy, infrared detoxification, low-level laser therapy, acupuncture for pain relief, 3D body scanning, and community safe-spaces.

“We recognize that the rise in PTSD within the veteran community can directly affect quality, deep sleep,” Tara Youngblood, Chief Science Officer and co-founder of sleepme, said. “Working with Grey Team might be one of the most important partnerships we’ve ever had, and helping local veterans sleep better is our passion. We will continue being committed to having an impact on the lives of men and women who give back to our community.”

By using a temperature-regulated sleep system, veterans have the potential to allay the issues they experience as it relates to PTSD and sleep problems.

“Grey Team’s partnership with sleepme has proven invaluable by allowing veterans to regulate their sleep temperature, inducing deeper, more restorative sleep,” Reichbach said. “By tracking various biomarkers, Grey Team has documented the enormous improvement in our military veterans’ sleep patterns and the decreased dependency on pharmaceutical sleep aids.”

About Sleepme™

Sleepme Inc. is a sleep technology company revolutionizing the way the world sleeps. Its purpose is to make sleep easy, achievable, and a positive part of everyone’s health. Under the Sleepme Inc. umbrella, the ChiliSleep brand has pioneered the award-winning Cube, OOLER, and Dock Pro Sleep Systems. For other sleepme news, visit


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