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Somnus Scientific enhances their competitive intelligence with Epistemic AI


The competitive intelligence solutions from Epistemic AI respond to a critical unmet need for actionable insights among biotech SMEs.

WESTPORT, Conn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AI–Epistemic AI (EAI) welcomes Somnus Scientific as a new customer of its Research Intelligence Platform. Somnus Scientific develops novel micro-sensors that provide real-time measurement of propofol anesthesia and they will use the EAI platform to accelerate their competitive intelligence research and trend analysis.

According to Stefano Pacifico, CEO, and co-founder of Epistemic AI, “The Epistemic AI Research Intelligence Platform has quickly become a cornerstone for research and competitive intelligence in the life sciences. It allows users to connect the dots across billions of biomedical concepts, documents and entities.”

Propofol is an intravenous sedative drug commonly administered to ICU patients relative to weight, age, condition and other clinical markers. Dr. Mark O’Connell, Chief Technical Officer for Somnus Scientific, explains “We are developing a new real time blood propofol monitor, using specially created sensors that will produce an actual measurement, ensuring the patient’s comfort, quicker recovery, less wastage and reduced greenhouse gas emissions from inhalational anesthesia.”

With over 4,000 anesthesia clinical trials currently recruiting, the $9 billion anesthetics market is highly competitive. Somnus Scientific requires constant surveillance of the scientific literature, medical and regulatory guidelines, clinical trials and reported outcomes. Using the EAI platform, Somnus Scientific has dramatically improved their competitive intelligence and gained new insights into the market, as well as related study results and data concerning the effects of propofol sedation.

According to Dr. O’Connell, “the Epistemic AI platform adds significant value to our analytical workflows. We’ve gained a much better understanding of several factors that are critical for our product development and also our competitive positioning. This saves us a lot of time, but also, on so many levels, the Epistemic AI platform helps us to see around corners and we never knew that was possible.”

About Somnus Scientific

Somnus Scientific was Founded in 2018 in the UK to develop a suite of products to measure Blood propofol concentration in real-time which will work at a clinically relevant and optimal level for patients during sedation and anesthesia frequently in intensive care units. It aims to improve the patients’ recovery and safety, whilst reducing costs of care and minimizing wastage. To learn more, visit

About Epistemic AI

Epistemic AI (EAI) was founded in 2018 to provide efficient and easily accessible AI solutions for the life sciences. The state-of-the-art AI Platform eliminates common technology barriers in research and enables rapid knowledge discovery. The Epistemic AI (EAI) Platform effectively unlocks silos of information that can potentially deliver better cures. Epistemic AI (EAI) works with academia, foundations, and biopharma companies to help advance their efforts in R&D, drug discovery, clinical trials, and commercialization. To learn more, visit




Mark Wall

PR & Communications for Somnus Scientific

Epistemic AI, Inc.

Kenneth Ashworth

VP Product Marketing

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