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SONIX Debuts Fastest Gaming Comms System in the U.S. 


Charlotte, NC, March 08, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — SONIX (, the Swiss startup creating the only ultra-low-latency software and app that meets the demands of pro gamers, made its U.S. debut by providing its technology to the University of North Carolina’s most recent Niner Esports Union LAN Party. 

“The Niner Esports Union LAN Party is one of the largest scholastic gaming events in the USA, and we were thrilled to partner with SONIX for this event,” said UNC Charlotte’s Niner Esports President Jorge Sanchez. “With SONIX, our esports athletes and gamers benefited from breakthrough low latency, high-quality audio, and cutting-edge technology to give them the edge they need to succeed in today’s competitive environment. Our players definitely benefited from this technology and spoke afterwards about the extra confidence and better results Sonix gave them.”

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“We are just entering the U.S. market and have already powered the nation’s largest scholastic LAN event, even though we are still in the BETA version of the app,” said Nicolas Abelé, Co-founder and CEO of SONIX. “Specifically, Niner’s team is clearly at the leading edge, providing competitive gamers what they deserve to perform at their best.”

SONIX reduced lag time by 5x over the top platform typically used at LAN events—a difference that even a casual gamer can appreciate–and better quality and user experience than any other technology in the field. Recently, SONIX has even achieved time lags of as low as 18 milliseconds in the field of live music performance with top level musicians collaborating remotely between the Montreux Jazz Festival and Jazz à Vienne. Recently SONIX has entered into partnerships with France’s Gaming Campus —the country’s first video game college—and a top Swiss Esports team to use SONIX.

Here are some first hand accounts from the Overwatch events in Charlotte:

“SONIX is a great alternative audio software for gamers who want to focus on the game. It’s much simpler then something like Discord, with faster connection speed and better quality audio,” said Curt DeLong, Niner Esports Overwatch Team Green Member.

“SONIX worked perfectly and the low ms transmission played a huge factor in our victory. I was glad I got to use this new software, it was truly a game changer,” said Gabriel Herterich, Niner Esports Overwatch Assistant Manager.

“I was able to clearly hear my teammates in real time to coordinate attacks, which helped me out a lot in supporting the attack,” said Marcus Kirkland Jr,  Wingate University Esports Overwatch Team Member.

SONIX was created to give gamers the ability to communicate in real time with no latency, just as if they were playing in the same room.  Recently Sonix has made deals with France’s Gaming Campus — the country’s first video game college — and a top Swiss Esports team to use SONIX.

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About SONIX:  SONIX, formerly known as TYXIT, is a venture-backed startup that is developing applications for low-latency communication across many fields requiring precise remote collaboration. The Lausanne-based company was named one of the TOP 100 Swiss Startups of 2022. More info at


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