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St. Louis Founders Consolidate Software Offerings into One Platform to Give Users More Control


The platform’s features include visitor identification and direct mail retargeting.

ST. LOUIS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–On March 2, things will look a little different for users of St. Louis-based ReachDynamics, a direct mail retargeting platform. The platform will be rolled into LeadPost, a website visitor identification software.

While the companies existed as different products since 2020, their core features are largely the same.

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“LeadPost expanded on the capabilities we developed for ReachDynamics,” cofounder and CEO Eric Castelli said. “But the biggest difference is that LeadPost users own the data generated through the platform.”

Due to LeadPost’s rapid growth, Castelli says it doesn’t make sense to operate the two platforms separately.

“In the last year, we launched a B2B visitor identification tool to serve as a Lead Forensics alternative for marketing and sales teams who need to know more than just the company names of their website visitors,” cofounder and CSO Tim Kastner said. “We’re going to continue to build on that success by giving ReachDynamics more control over their data through LeadPost.”

That means that LeadPost will be converting all ReachDynamics accounts into LeadPost accounts on March 2, 2023.

Kastner says not much will change for ReachDynamics users. The LeadPost platform has all the features that ReachDynamics does, and users will be able to keep their current ReachDynamics pricing plans when they are converted to LeadPost accounts.

To ensure a smooth transition for users, the company will use the LeadPost support site to host tutorials and videos on how to navigate the LeadPost platform.

“Our customer support team will be available to answer any questions or concerns during the transition process,” Kastner said. “We are excited about this new chapter for ReachDynamics and look forward to continuing to help our customers grow their businesses with the added features and control provided by LeadPost.”

If you are not currently a ReachDynamics user and are interested in retargeting anonymous website visitors, sign up for a free trial at

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