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StopVi Awarded Patent for Gun Security System That Will


TACOMA, Wash., March 28, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Mass shootings have become an ugly, devastating reality of life worldwide. However, there is hope for a solution. StopVi, the creator of an innovative prototype weapons alert system, has announced it has been awarded a Patent for its prototype gun security system. Utilizing a unique embedded RF antenna in the bolt carrier groups of AR-15s and similar style guns, StopVi’s invention aims to reduce gun violence in schools, workplace environments, places of worship and other areas susceptible to mass shooting incidents.

The implementation of this technology will be a game-changer and has the potential to stop violence and save countless lives. Utilizing an embedded RF antenna in the bolt carrier groups of AR-15s and similar style guns, StopVi’s system will set off an alarm before a weapon enters designated restricted areas. It can also serve other functions such as notifying the police and automatically locking doors.

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StopVi’s patented life-saving security system does not require banning guns or changing the way the gun operates nor does it track or obtain any information about the gun owner. It would, however, restrict assault style weapons from entering designated restricted areas, which will help keep people safe.

With legislative support from government officials, StopVi’s security system will make schools, churches, malls, movie theaters, restaurants and many other places safer for everyone, while protecting gun owners’ Second Amendment rights.

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