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Swimming Goggles for Summer 2023: A Look into Lensmart


New York, May 11, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Summer is coming with the relentless and unstoppable steps. For such sweltering days, many prefer to stay in cool water. Facing the arrival of the hot season, eyewear brand Lensmart has released a new product line: Swimming Goggles. After cycling glasses and ski goggles, swimming goggles are the third product line of Lensmart’s sports glasses. It is clearly to observe that the brand has the intention and desire to extend its product lines and enrich the spectrum of eyewear.

As the first collection of swimming goggles, 23 swimming goggles has been on sale with different design, material, and colors available for every customer tending to find a pair of swimming goggles. Basically, there are competition goggles, open water goggles, as well as diving masks, and all these can also be used at leisure. Each type has its own feature and function, and individuals can pick the most suitable type in terms of their personal demand. Competition goggles like Jameson and Evie at Lensmart have rounded frames with better vision since they are transparent on the inner side. As one of the most popular types of swimming goggles among competitive swimmers, competition goggles enjoys a variety of colors, and lenses from clear to dark, color-tinted and mirrored. Open water goggles such as Leonardo and Ivan have a flat lens on the frame with nonadjustable nose bridge. This type is the most friendly for beginners since they are often the most comfortable type of goggles for many people. As for diving masks, such as Calvin, Xander, and Dominic, they are the least used type among all types of swimming goggles, for these are the largest and heaviest type among goggles. Often preferred by open water swimmers diving masks are the most comfortable type over long swims.

In addition to presenting more options to customers, the brand also takes a few things greatly into consideration when designing the swimming goggles: comfort and fit; vision and sight. Lensmart regards these factors as priority during the designing process. Therefore, the orbital bone of swimming goggles has to provide the minimum pressure on a wearer’s face and the material of the goggle should be both flexible and durable. Straps on goggles are also a crucial element when using swimming goggles. The width and length of straps should have specific number in designing. At the same time, two options of lens meet different needs of various people. A flat lens with limited peripheral vision will provide great forward visibility, while a curved lens offers a good combination of both forward peripheral vision. Considering all factors in design, every pair of swimming goggles has its own characteristics, so individuals can choose the swimming goggles on the basis of need, preference, and use.

Being an increasingly known brand, Lensmart has been spending time on exploring new design and products, offering much more possibilities to customers. The latest product line of swimming goggles is not only an enrichment of the product catalogue, but also a hint to show the development plan of the brand. Customers will have the chance to see more products related to all types of eyewear in the future such as prescription glasses, reading glasses, sports glasses, sunglasses, accessories of glasses, etc.

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Lensmart is a glasses brand striving to provide glasses on trend for customers online. Started with the aim of offering convenient experience of purchasing glasses online, the brand enjoys a wide variety of glasses to suit individuals’ unique needs and gives customers personalized shopping experience. Under the three commitment of Lensmart (What you see is what you get; Comfort with ergonomic designs; Flex with a style), the brand is not just to sell another pair of glasses but to add value and meaning to shopping experience. With its virtual Try-On tool and 365-day warranty covering clear defects in material and workmanship, customers are enable to enjoy the purchasing without worry.

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