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The Embassy of Italy is organizing the 7th edition of World Week of Italian Cuisine in India


Committed to celebrating & promote Italian cuisine, these upcoming events are focused on conviviality, innovation, and sustainability

NEW DELHI, Dec. 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Italian cuisine is definitely one of the most loved cuisines across the globe. Known for its delicious and iconic dishes, it has become a cult favorite for countless Indians. The Embassy of Italy in New Delhi is all geared up to launch the 7th Edition of the World Week of Italian Cuisine (WWIC) in India, which is set to take place in New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bengaluru from 30th November till 10th December 2022.  

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The WWIC was born in 2016 and has become, over the years, one of the leading initiatives to promote the excellence of the Italian agri-food chain and food and wine tradition abroad. The 7th edition was officially presented on 18th November by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, the Minister of Economic Development (Business and Made in Italy), Minister of Agriculture, Minister of Health and Minister of Tourism.  

Kick starting with the Press Event on 30th November, the week-long festival concludes in New Delhi with a Grand Finale on 9th December by the Michelin star Chef, Cristina Bowerman. She will also entertain Mumbai food lovers in some engaging activities before flying to New Delhi where she will be the protagonist of workshops and live cooking shows. Michelin star Chef, Adriano Baldassarre, will delight the Bengaluru audience with a special Italian Menu presented at the Quad (BLR International Airport).  Last but not least, Kolkata will experience a night of Italian Design, Food and Wine. 

Committed to celebrating the Italian cuisine, these events are focused on its conviviality, innovation and sustainability. 

Italy has shown an increasing awareness on food related issues recognized by Expo Milan 2015, specifically devoted to the theme Feeding the Planet, Energy for life, and resulted in the promotion of the Milan Charter within the framework of the United Nations. Expo Milan 2015 focused on sustainability of food and agriculture and the contents of Milan Charter represent Italy contribution to changing some fundamental paradigms related to food and fighting global food imbalances. Going further, looking at the future, one of the crucial topics in support of Rome candidacy for Expo 2030, is the regeneration of territories. As a matter of fact, the Capital public veggie gardens not only supply quality produce, but are also spaces for socializing and togetherness, highlighting the core theme of the city’s candidacy. 

Italy has always had rich and deeply rooted food culture. Mediterranean diet is not just a diet. Rather, it is one of the healthiest food models promoting a lifestyle based on education, awareness, and moderation. It calls for a varied and balanced diet. The Mediterranean Diet classifies first in the best diets ranking elaborated by the US media U.S. News & World’s Reports. Italy considers it as a precious heritage to be safeguarded. For this reason, Italy is at the forefront to promote and defend alternative nutritional labeling schemes to traffic light mechanisms that penalize the Mediterranean diet and traditional European industry. 

Ambassador of Italy to India and Nepal, Vincenzo de Luca said, “We look forward to celebrating the 7th edition of the World Week of Italian Cuisine in India. This year, the theme is pivoting on the ingredients of Italian cuisine for our health as well as the protection of our planet that was, by the way, one of the pillars of Italian G20 Presidency in 2021. For the upcoming edition, we have partnered with several Italian restaurants across India in order to focus on mutual trust, cooperation, and sustainability between Italy and India. We are keen on talking about the strong bridge between tradition and innovation in the Italian eno-gastronomic landscape. We wish to discuss sustainability while honoring the conviviality essence of both Indian and Italian lifestyles.” 

Chef Cristina Bowerman said, “Italian Culture is boundless: art, history, architecture, design, fashion and much more, but the most powerful tool of dissemination is – and will always be – Enogastronomy, present and past. For us, chefs, the best way to describe whom we are is to do what we love the most: cooking. To tell about our culture through traditional and modern food both, is a privilege. We are extremely proud to be able to develop a program, political under every aspect, aiming at carrying forward and spreading the extremely high standards of our quality and uniqueness in the world.”

About Embassy of Italy, New Delhi 

Embassy of Italy in New Delhi India is a strong bond of communication between Italy Government and India. It functions as the official representative of the Embassy of Italy in New Delhi in India.



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