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The Fitelo 5-Year Warranty | Even when the plan ends, fitness shouldn’t


CHANDIGARH, India, Dec. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — One of the greatest issues associated with obesity is a rebound. Occasionally, people are driven to get back in shape. They join a gym, a diet program, or both. They give it their all and obtain results. There is an expert inspiring and coaching them. Eventually, the motivation fades, and they revert to their old habits. There is neither oversight nor motive. One gets sluggish. Their weight gradually begins to increase again, until one day they discover they’ve acquired a large amount of weight. They anticipate the next motivation to strike. It is a never-ending circle. Every obese individual desires to lose weight but does not know how.

Fitelo has not only assisted thousands of individuals in losing weight but also in maintaining their weight loss. With the Fitelo warranty, they make it clear that they want to help people live healthier lives.

The Fitelo Warranty is a promise. The team promises that once their clients have lost weight with Fitelo, they will assist them in remaining fit for the next 5 years. Once Fitelo’s clients have accomplished their objectives or completed the program, the Fitelo team will not bid them farewell. They will monitor their weight and lifestyle.

Even once a Fitelo plan expires, clients must continue to enter their weight in the app every one to two weeks. There is no need to record their meals, calories, or anything else. Simply put, ex-clients must punch their weight. The professionals at Fitelo will handle the rest.

Both of Fitelo’s co-founders have traversed this path. Since they have been obese for the majority of their lives, they have tried every available treatment. Nothing has lasting effects. Then they decided to launch Fitelo to provide clients with long-term, sustainable assistance.

Regarding the Fitelo warranty, Fitelo co-founder & CMO, Mac (Mehakdeep) Singh emphasized, “If we observe you deviating from your new routine, we will assist you in regaining your footing. We will give you free consultations and diet regimens if your weight increases.”

The Fitelo Warranty does not guarantee total weight loss. It is not a guarantee that it will not bounce back. “Everyone is unique, as are their outcomes. Results differ among clients. Instead, our team will assist our clients in determining why their weight has returned. We will keep track of the client’s weight. As soon as it begins to rise, our team will assist clients in getting back on track,” added Mac.

As per Sahil Bansal, co-founder & CEO, Fitelo, “The Fitelo warranty is an extension of the work performed by our team. We take responsibility for managing our client’s weight bounce back. Our team will encourage the development of healthy behaviors. The core belief behind the warranty is that five years is sufficient time to develop healthy habits.”

According to Sahil, “Building healthy habits is the only way to lose weight. This is the strategy we follow at Fitelo. Five years is sufficient time for this endeavor. For instance, if you develop the practice of recording your weight each week, you will not wait for it to climb by 5 kg before taking action. As soon as you notice a gain of 1 kilogram, you will begin taking action immediately. During your five years with us, we will help you to build these habits and become your own coach.”

No other weight-loss program is working on the issue of rebound. Clients receive attention while participating in the program. Once they exit the software, no one is observing them. Fitelo will alter this situation. With the Fitelo warranty, the team will be the clients’ companions until their clients learn how to maintain their fitness.

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