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The Good Llamaz launches NFT Collection that Aims to Raise


Vienna, Austria, March 23, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have become increasingly popular, and their use cases have diversified with fast adoption. One of the new use cases for NFTs is philanthropy. The Good Llamaz is a new NFT project designed to create awareness about biodiversity loss and its impact on humanity. The project aims to build an organic community that cares and takes action to protect nature and animals. Each NFT collection will support a cause, and the community will decide the next causes to be supported, and upcoming collections will be created accordingly.

The Good Llamaz recently launched the “LLAMA-CARE” foundation for charities under the hashtags #llamazareheretohelp, #llamazchange, and #llamacare. The foundation aims to use NFTs to raise funds in a transparent way, potentially reaching out to a wide audience. Major organizations have already adopted NFTs as a way to organise fundraising for charitable causes, and The Good Llamaz aims to be another successful example of the use of NFTs for philanthropy.

The Good Llamaz project is not another one-off NFT project. The project is inspired by biodiversity loss and its impact on humanity, and the team behind the project intends to create awareness about it through the project. The project aims to build a community that cares and takes action to protect nature and animals, and the use of NFTs is a tool to engage with an audience that is appreciative of the importance of communities. The project will also support conservationist causes via royalties from secondary sales of NFTs.

The Good Llamaz is an Ethereum-based NFT collection of 10,000 llama-themed NFTs, randomly generated from 1000 unique traits. The collection takes inspiration from the llamas that the founders grew up with, and the project’s artwork is influenced by cartoons, streetwear, music, gaming culture, and queer culture. The llamas are genderless, a refreshing change compared to the many male-dominated NFT collections in the space.

Each llama in The Good Llamaz collection grants a membership to “THE HERD OF HEROS,” and the heroes of the project hail from a diverse range of communities and friends. The project also supports organizations collaborating with 4ocean, Oceana, WWF, and Generation Rainforest to save animals and our planet. Each llama purchased will help one animal and plant a new tree or remove plastic from our oceans.

The Good Llamaz project invites people to care about animals and nature as much as the project’s team does and to support those who are acting to protect it. The project is not only about bringing high-quality art to the blockchain, but it also aims to bring an enormous amount of utility alongside the art. The project is a unique and exciting opportunity for NFT enthusiasts to support philanthropic causes while also owning a piece of digital art.

For more information and to purchase The Good Llamaz NFTs, visit the official website at


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