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The Innovation Minds 2023 Pilot Program for Employee


SAN JOSE, Calif., Dec. 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Innovation Minds, the leading innovation-based employee experience platform, is now ready more than ever to take on the economic headwinds hounding today’s work front. By building on its flagship solutions, Innovation Minds has developed a comprehensive approach to improving employee engagement, productivity, and innovation.

The platform has been designed to address three key challenges facing enterprises today: quiet quitting – when employees put no more effort into their jobs than absolutely necessary; great remorse – when employees feel guilty about leaving a company after working there for many years; and anticipated recession – when companies expect layoffs but don’t know how many people will be affected by them.

The Innovation Minds enterprise platform takes a novel approach to these challenges by focusing on “the holistic employee experience,” which covers everything from employee engagement to innovation to project execution programs. It also offers an enterprise-wide collaboration platform that allows employees across all departments to share information easily and collaborate with one another.

“We’re excited about our new solutions and the growth of our enterprise platform,” said CEO Bala Balasubramaniam. “We’ve seen an uptick in demand across all industries as companies seek new ways to engage their employees considering all these headwinds affecting the workplace.”

The new Innovation Minds platform is a complete overhaul of their original system – a state-of-the-art and truly holistic employee experience solution. It includes everything from a new dashboard interface to automated processes that can be used by managers to ensure that employees are receiving the right type of support at the right time.

The platform is designed to be intuitive for employees so that they don’t need any special training or separate tools to use it. They can easily access the system from any device or location – even if they’re away from their desk, at home, or on vacation – and it integrates seamlessly with existing systems like email, chat software and HR systems.

But the real value comes with the additional support they provide to their clients that are proven to boost employee engagement three-fold. These include:

  • Innovation Sprint to help you figure out what needs improvement, then take action. The goal of these sessions is not just to come up with some new ideas or solutions—it’s also about making sure everyone in your team understands why their ideas are important, and why they matter.
  • Survey-as-a-Service to give your employees a voice, and empower your managers to follow through with AI-based action plans customized for each individual manager.
  • Reward-as-a-Service is a feature built on the principle that giving, rather than receiving, leads to lasting happiness and impactful engagement. This feature is integrated with Innovation Minds’ proprietary framework, Earn Your Pride to Reward Your Peers.
  • And a newly opened Innovation Lab at the heart of Silicon Valley, an addition to their incredible support ecosystem. The Innovation Lab will serve as a hub of innovation for their clients, a place where they can foster collaboration among partners, employees, and other innovators.

The capstone for this full suite of support, Innovation Minds gives their clients The Global Network effect made up of master facilitators from UC Berkeley, UC Davis, and from Innovation Minds itself. This means that your challenges will be solved with the guidance of experienced minds who have been there before you and can help you navigate your way through the uncertainty that is often part of innovation. They’ll also share their knowledge with you so that you can build on it and continue to grow as an organization.

The 2023 Innovation Minds Pilot Program is now open and ready for enrollment. These companies will be shortlisted to take part in this exclusive pilot absolutely free of cost. If you’re looking for ways to scale or improve your organization’s employee experience, visit for more information.

Or, directly reach out to the following contacts for your enrollment.

Bala Balasubramaniam, CEO, Innovation Minds.
+1 408 605 8471,

Maria Carmina, Head of Customer Success & Outreach, Innovation Minds.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year! 

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