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“The Life Cycle” Podcast from Klang Games Clarifies the


BERLIN, April 06, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Klang Games, the makers behind the sandbox simulation MMO game SEED, are not only concerned with the future of mankind and the colonization of exoplanets during the development of their game. Their own podcast “The Life Cycle” is also all about the future. After the successful first season in 2019, a new episode of the 2nd season has been published every second Thursday since the end of January 2023.

All previous episodes of “The Life Cycle“:

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As part of the research work for SEED, the Klang Games team dealt with complex topics such as the future of humanity, space travel or transhumanism. This gave rise to the idea of interviewing the top experts in these fields – and publishing the resulting conversations as a podcast. For the first season, numerous interviews were conducted in Berlin, Boston, Atlanta, LA, New York and Dublin in 2019, discussing topics such as simulation theory, genetics or the digital landscape and its impact on freedom and democracy. In season 2, hosts John Holten and Eva Kelley take listeners on a journey through history, ranging from ancient Rome to the distant future – covering numerous topics such as the apocalypse, aliens, cloning technology or the future of alcohol.

Mundi Vondi, CEO and Executive Producer of “The Life Cycle” said, “Making SEED is a big task that requires lots of research about the future of humanity. That’s why we decided to make a podcast about the concepts we’re exploring: to learn from leading experts in the given field all while bringing the community and others along for the ride. We have had an absolute blast making it, and I could not be more proud of this new season.”

April 6 sees the release of the latest episode, “AI and I,” which is all about user-facing AI like ChatGPT. Guests include Sarah Al-Hussaini, COO at Ultimate, who talks about AI in the context of their customer service solution, artist Constant Dullart, who explains how AI can be viewed and used from a creative perspective, and Evans Thomas, Game Engineer at Klang Games, who reveals more about prototype experiments with ChatGPT, Text to Speech and other AI tools for SEED.

“The Life Cycle” is produced by Klang Games in Berlin, and the English-language episodes are available from all major podcast providers and via John Holten and Eva Kelley write and host the episodes, David Magnussen serves as co-producer and sound engineer, Samet Kuru as designer, and Savita Joshi as researcher and script supervisor. Executive producer is Klang Games CEO Mundi Vondi.

About Klang Games

Klang Games GmbH, located in the creative hub of Kreuzberg, is a Berlin-based game studio that is exploring the future of humanity through various forms of media. At the heart of Klang Games is SEED, a large-scale, persistent virtual world that is pushing the boundaries of what constitutes an MMO world by offering a completely player-made universe. By allowing players to fully tailor their virtual world, Klang Games is redefining what it means to play together online. Founded in 2013, Klang Games is a diverse, inclusive team of individuals working to create a meaningful game that fosters community building and collaboration. Together with the community, Klang aims to create a game that is not only fun to play but also has a positive impact on the world. For more information, visit


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