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The Light Committee™ Restructures Its Headshot Session


Los Angeles, Dec. 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Light Committee™ has changed its headshot session rates by decoupling retouches included in sessions so customers have flexibility in selecting however many retouches they want from a session. Previously, a set number of retouches were included in a limited number of sessions. However, most customers end up wanting more retouches after seeing results. The new pricing approach more seamlessly accommodates the request for more retouches.

Now when a client books a session they will be paying only for the session. This covers the time in the studio, outdoors, or at a location, spent with the photographer. This also lowers the current initial cost of a session. Afterward, an online proof gallery is provided for clients to select the retouches they prefer. Under the new approach in the new gallery system, a client can now select as many retouches as they want. There is no limit, and they can pay for them instantly online.

Previously, a session came with a set number of retouches. Clients would book a headshot session with an understanding that a set number came with a session. However, in approximately half of all sessions after seeing results, clients wanted more. They would request the option to select more than the set number of retouches. As a result, the current system created extra processes for the client and the studio. The proof galleries would need to be modified to accommodate more retouches. This created more time waiting for the client to get the new gallery. Or the client had to communicate additionally outside the system which photos were desired for retouching. This created an extra step for them and added to wait time. The new setup streamlines the approach. Clients can now select however many retouches they want from the gallery and pay for them in a single instance. They can even return later on to buy more.

Actor Headshots in Los Angeles

The Light Committee offers actor headshots in Los Angeles with online booking. Session options for acting headshots include a set number of looks. In this way, actors can opt for sessions that might cover just a single look to sessions that cover many looks. Each session has set time limits, regardless of the number of looks. Session options include adding a hair and makeup stylist and a slate video.

Corporate Headshots in Los Angeles

In addition, the studio offers professional corporate headshots in Los Angeles. All types of professionals get headshots at the studio. This includes accountants, attorneys, authors, chefs, consultants, doctors (including for ERAS® medical residency applications), engineers, entrepreneurs, film directors, finance executives, psychiatrists, psychologists, real estate agents, software developers, and many more.

About The Light Committee

The Light Committee is an award-winning headshot photography studio located at 2266 Honolulu Ave, Montrose, CA, 91020, within the greater Los Angeles area and just around 12 miles north of downtown LA. It offers photoshoots with a focus on individuals rather than groups. This includes actor headshots, corporate headshots, modeling digitals, lifestyle photo shoots, dating profile photo shoots, senior portraits or graduation portraits, and other photo shoots for individuals. From nearly 1,300 photographers researched yearly from 2019 to 2022, has independently rated The Light Committee as being in the top five percent (in the top 32 out of approximately 1,300) of the best portrait photographers in Los Angeles. Learn more at

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