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US cannabis vaping leader AVD prevails over CCELL in USITC patent decision


WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A US International Trade Commission administrative law judge ruled Wednesday in favor of Seattle, Washington-based Next Level Ventures (dba: AVD, Advanced Vapor Devices, in a patent infringement investigation initiated by Shenzhen Smoore, the Chinese parent company of CCELL.

Of the three patents asserted at USITC by Shenzhen Smoore, Chief Administrative Law Judge Clark Cheney found no violation by AVD’s cartridges, components, or products under Section 337 of the US Tariff Act of 1930. Wednesday’s final Initial Determination is subject to review by the full Commission.

About Advanced Vapor Devices

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AVD, the Seattle, Washington-based cannabis vaporizer manufacturer and distributor, is the partner of choice for leading plant-based oil brands and is known for producing reliable products that do not easily leak or break. Advanced technology and design built around AVD’s proprietary ceramic core deliver true-to-the-strain flavors that provide a premium user experience. Learn more at


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