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Web developer expresses creativity through rap


Oakland, CA, Dec. 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Serial entrepreneur, Geraldine Convento and founder of WordPress Website Maintenance company, MeetGeraldine LLC just released a jazz / hip-hop single, “Two Fly Guys” after an 11 year break from the music industry.

Premiering in 1993, Geraldine also known as Realism* was the first Filipina rap artist in the United States. Back then she recorded several songs and also performed as an opening act for music artists such as: Outkast, Black Eyed Peas, Hieroglyphics, and Exile Society.

When asked about the correlation between web development and music she responds, “I learned to code websites and taught myself to rap over beats in the 90s. Both activities were my passion growing up, it just so happened that website development and maintenance became my main business.”

Geraldine’s break from making music wasn’t intentional. On an Instagram post, Geraldine explains she took a long break from music due to struggles with mental health. This challenge is extremely common for Americans according to NAMI, which states that “1 in 5 U.S. adults experience mental illness each year”. Geraldine expresses, “When I was on meds, I lost my ability to rap and experienced severe writer’s block. I was so ashamed to the point where I wouldn’t even try rapping after I’d fully recovered from depression. I believed that expressing myself in that way wasn’t possible anymore.”

Just as an article on Reverb Nation expresses, “If you’ve lost your passion in music, it doesn’t mean it has to be gone forever.” Geraldine states that over a decade later, “Miraculously, I woke up early one morning and started writing and reciting a song. It was natural, I couldn’t believe it!”

The way that music is released in comparison to the nineties is different than today. Geraldine states, “I used to be a performer and recording artist when music was primarily released through radio airplay, CDs, cassette tapes, and vinyl records. This used to take several months to a year to coordinate! The fact that I’m able to record a song and release music online within a matter of weeks provides the opportunity to reach people all over the world significantly faster than I could have before.”

The song “Two Fly Guys” performed by Realism* (with music production by Hyp) has been released on more than 150+ streaming platforms including Apple, SpotifyYouTube, Amazon Music, Pandora. The song is also available for use on TikTok and Instagram.


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