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Wellthy Launches “Care Planning” to Help Millions of


• Over 75 percent of unpaid caregivers are untaught, untrained, or unprepared to provide care for a loved one;
• With 7 out of 10 people anticipated to need long-term care in their lives, Care Planning aims to take the surprise and crisis out of caregiving so that families are ready for future caregiving needs

NEW YORK, March 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Wellthy, the leading digital platform and caregiving support service for families and employers, today announced the launch of “Care Planning,” an innovative new experience that will help millions of people plan ahead for caring for their loved ones.

Care Planning addresses some of the most urgent realities of today’s care crisis – and aims to spark dialogue and discussion among families to embrace planning for care before it becomes an urgent crisis.

There are 10,000 people turning 65 years old every single day, and 70% of these individuals will require long-term care as they age. Many of these caregiving responsibilities fall to family members or other loved ones, but 75 percent of all unpaid caregivers are not trained, taught, or prepared to provide care for a loved one. That means when a caregiving situation arises, it often shows up in the form of panic.

“We are all familiar with planning – we plan for retirement, vacations, weddings, and more. But so few plan for caregiving, even though nearly all of us will be a caregiver to a loved one at some stage in our lives, or need care ourselves,” said Lindsay Jurist-Rosner, CEO and Co-Founder of Wellthy. “Care Planning is going to be a gamechanger in making sure that individuals and families can confidently prepare for the future. Rather than waiting until a crisis emerges, Care Planning empowers families to start conversations about caregiving, to plan ahead, and feel ready to give the quality of care a loved one deserves.”

Care Planning prepares Wellthy members for caregiving through comprehensive, step-by-step guides that offer curated educational content and actionable to-dos within an organized, user-friendly digital platform. Plans are broken down into structured pathways that have action items assigned to them, enabling Wellthy members to create robust Care Plans and have a one-stop dashboard that prepares a family for a wide-range of caregiving situations.

Some examples of Care Planning include: how to prepare financials for an aging loved one; how to plan for an aging loved one’s medical or housing needs; and how to plan for long-term care as loved ones get older. Wellthy’s Care Planning experience will initially be oriented toward aging care – to address the biggest need and biggest gap – though future Care Plans will provide support for areas of care beyond aging, including for self, kids, and families.

“Caregiving responsibilities are already the second largest reason why people exit the workforce, and for the 90 million workers who do provide care to a loved one on top of their full-time job, they’re spending on average 45 hours per week taking care of a loved one. This risks their finances, their careers, and even their own well-being,” said Jurist-Rosner. “With Care Planning we want to change how people think about caregiving, and provide tangible solutions for people to get ahead and stay ahead of their family’s future need for caregiving.”

You can view more information about Care Planning at

About Wellthy
Wellthy is a market-leading caregiving support solution that is revolutionizing the way families care for their loved ones and themselves. Wellthy combines digital innovation and human expertise so that family caregivers can spend their time prioritizing love over healthcare logistics. Nearly two million people have direct access to Wellthy’s services through some of the largest and best-known health plans and employers across the country, including Best Buy, Cisco, Hilton, and Meta. Wellthy was just one of Fast Company’s “Most Innovative Companies” for 2023, and specifically named one of the 10 most innovative workplace companies for supporting working caregivers. Follow Wellthy on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Michael Jones
Director of Communications, Wellthy

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