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Hallandale Beach, FL, April 03, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — United Marketing Group (UMG), a leader in digital marketing in the United States, Russia, and Asia, has revealed its plans to expand into Uzbekistan in the second quarter of 2023. The agency has also announced the 2023 rollout of its online UMG Academy, which will teach small business owners the digital marketing skills that can drive their sales growth.

UMG was founded in 2013 by Alex Shakirova and combines imagination with the latest technology to help companies to scale up in today’s online era. As a business owner, Alex encountered numerous difficulties when working with marketing agencies. 

“Many of them sounded professional and could speak the industry jargon, but when it came to delivering results, well, they didn’t,” she remembers. “This opened my eyes to a gap and a problem in the industry, which I was determined to resolve. I started with learning everything I could about marketing and implementing it into my business strategy.”

Using what she learned, Alex was able to achieve her business goals, which drew the attention of other frustrated business owners. With so many requests for help, she decided to become a full-time digital marketer. In the ten years since launching UMG, she and her international team of professionals, who speak and work in 5 languages, have helped dozens of companies worldwide in the hospitality, medical, beauty, entertainment, banking, and online education industries.

The new office in Uzbekistan will be especially exciting because the country’s economy is developing so rapidly. “Through our meetings with Uzbeki business owners, we have learned that many are interested in learning about digital marketing, which has the potential to connect them with the global business community,” Alex says. “We look forward to empowering them with our services in content marketing, solutions architecture, website design, digital marketing, and CRM integration.” 

As the opening of UMG’s Uzbekistan office approaches, the rollout of the online UMG Academy is also on the horizon. The project, which is currently in beta mode, is especially gratifying for team members, who value the skills and business growth that entrepreneurs can attain by educating themselves in digital marketing. 

“We began our academy because we believe that online marketing is crucial for any business’ success today and that too many owners lack access to quality resources,” she reveals. “They are important contributors to our economy, so we wanted to bridge that gap by sharing our expert knowledge. After all our hard work, we are happy to report that the feedback on our UMG Academy has been very positive. We value every suggestion for improvement and work to implement it as fast as we can.”

Alex invites any entrepreneur who wants to understand how digital marketing can impact their sales to check back in May 2023 for the launch of the UMG Academy.

“That is when we anticipate going live for a new generation of owners who are ready to use technology to grow their companies,” she says. “Knowledge is power, and when you have UMG’s expert tips and strategies, you will see what digital marketing can do for your business’ future.”

For over 10 years, United Marketing Group has been using its signature algorithms and advertising methods to offer solutions for digital marketing issues its partners didn’t even know existed. Founded by Alex Shakirova, UMG helps small and large businesses understand the complexities of digital marketing and achieve better results. 

Today, UMG’s multilingual team works worldwide in social media marketing, Facebook advertising, SEM, SEO, reputation management, brand management, web development, and integration, among others. UMG is also a recognized specialist in digital marketing and local marketing for hospitality brands.

The focus of UMG, no matter how large it grows, will always remain the same: to help other owners understand and use the digital marketing strategies that can scale up their companies.

For more information about UMG, please see its website or contact:

Nadia Bem 


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