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World Film Industry Conference Finalizes Eight Topics


LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–From December 11 to 12, the World Film Industry Conference, which was initially scheduled to be held simultaneously in Los Angeles, USA, and Macau, China, announced in the latest schedule details that due to the pandemic, the World Film Festival Chairman Forum, World Film Festival, The City Mayors Forum and the Aollywood Five Continents Film Festival held in Macau, China, and the 18 Leaders’ Summit in Los Angeles, USA, will be postponed to March 30-31, 2023. The theme of this year’s conference is “From Hollywood to Aollywood, Dialogue Across the Pacific.”

The World Film Industry Conference announced some confirmed guests, including Elizabeth Daley, Dean of the Film Academy of the University of Southern California; Brian Kite, Dean of School of Theater, Film and Television, UCLA; Omar Kaczmarczyk, a famous Hollywood actor and producer; Andre Morgan, an Oscar producer; Bill Mechanic, former producer of 82nd Academy Awards; Mike Medavoy, Hollywood actor, and the Oscar producer; Arthur Sarkissian, film producer of “Rush Hour”; Rob Minkoff, director of “The Lion King”; Hollywood producer Fredric Golchan, Hollywood actor Lucas Foster, Hollywood producer William Mundell, Hollywood producer Lulu Zezza, Chinese director Sherwood Hu, Italian producer Max Musina, seven-time Grammy winner Gordon Williams, former British BBC president Nill Hillary, Brazilian presidential cultural ambassador Frederick Lapenda, etc.

According to reports, the World Film Industry Conference will focus on the “unprecedented” market challenges affecting the multi-polar world of films and determine eight critical topics:

  1. How NGOs contribute to “Global Gathering for Sustainable Development” at the regional and national levels.
  2. In the post-pandemic era, the opportunities and challenges faced by the film industry in various countries (regions).
  3. Common norms of films in new situations: Implications for society, politics, and business.
  4. Globalization 6.0: Creating a global structure for the sixth era of film development.
  5. Build healthy and fair content censorship.
  6. The Responsibility and Vitality of Internet Movies in the environment of immersive communication.
  7. Guide to actively promoting industry change and innovation.
  8. Build a global network of young talents from different backgrounds to enhance mutual support among them.

According to reports, establishing the World Film Industry Association is also an agenda of the conference.


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