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World Kindness Day Celebrated in Sentient for Animals and Planet


On the occasion of World Kindness Day, in its first event post pandemic for the year Dance for Kindness and World Animal Protection, India came together to spread the message of compassion and kindness for animals who suffer due to human caused conditions and greed.

Participants performing Still Mob with postures on love, kindness and compassion

Dance for kindness an initiative by “Life Vest Inside, is a worldwide event celebrated every year to commemorate and celebrate World Kindness Day to convey its global message of kindness and compassion towards earthly beings and animals. “Those In Need, the official partner of this sixth edition for New Delhi, invited dancers, schools students and citizens to join Delhis Biggest Flash Mob event in partnership with World Animal Protection India, an animal welfare charity, working towards ending animal suffering and cruelty around the world.

Abhishek Saini, Founder, Those In Need and Gajender K Sharma, Country Director, World Animal Protection, India

The purpose of this event is to help see beyond individual selves, and boundaries of country, culture, race, or religion to realize this world as one home for all its inhabitants.

World Animal Protection is working to move the world to protect animals and help them live a life free from suffering and cruelty. We believe animals are not commodities and deserve a life worth living where they are not subjected exploited for commercial benefits like food, entertainment, fashion, medicinal use or exotic pets etc. Every individual can make a difference by making responsible animal welfare friendly choices. We need people to be part of this animal welfare movement and become proud animal protectors,” said Gajender K Sharma, Country Director, World Animal Protection, India.

Some may say the world is filled with violence, hatred, hopelessness and war, but together we have the power to unite this world with kindness, hope, trust, love to all living beings and lets move the world to protect animals,” said Abhishek Saini, Founder, Those In Need.

The event attracted more than thousand people resonating the message of kindness and animal compassion through flash mobs, freeze mobs, formation of human chain showing unity against animal cruelty, attractive performances by dance groups and more. The cause was supported by people both on ground and with their online support to move the world to protect animals.

Notes to Editor

Those In Need is a matchmaking platform for volunteers and not for profits. It aims to connect civil society organizations and volunteers as per the convenience of the volunteer and organization both and provide them a base of attractive opportunities that help them grow.

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World Animal Protection is a global organization which has been working for more than 55 years towards the protection of animals from needless suffering, influencing decision makers to make animal protection a global agenda, and inspiring human folk to see the importance of animals to the world.

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