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Zero Carbon EX Is Officially Launched as Carbon Neutral PaaS One-Stop Service Platform


SINGAPORE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#carbonneutrality–Zero Carbon Future Private Limited, the most active carbon market in Asia, launched the Zero Carbon EX platform on November 5th, 2022 in Singapore.

The platform, a promising one to be the largest carbon trading platform in Asia-Pacific region, will accelerate the globalization of Zero Carbon Future Pte Ltd and contribute to the global warming mitigation work.

The Zero Carbon EX platform, developed and operated by Singapore Zero Future Pte Ltd, is a PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) one-stop service platform specializing in the carbon neutral related, carbon asset management business. The platform provides carbon credit development, carbon asset custody, carbon emission accounting, carbon neutrality consulting and other zero carbon products, contributing to the zero carbon actions.

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What is worth mentioning here is that the press conference today is offset by carbon credits issued by the VCS program, making it a “Zero Carbon Conference”.

Jonathan Yap, CEO of Northwaters Capital Pte Ltd, said after introducing Northwaters Capital’s business scope and social impact, “We have launched the Carbon Assets Global Opportunity Fund to invest in carbon credit assets around the world. Northwaters Capital is well positioned to identify advanced climate technology projects in carbon neutrality and to facilitate the commercialization of these projects in Asia-Pacific region and other carbon neutral related businesses. We are delighted to work with Zero Carbon Future Pte Ltd to promote the development and expansion of the global carbon credit market. Asia’s carbon markets present both exciting possibilities and challenges. In the future, we believe we can become a leader in this field to support the growth of carbon markets and the development of green technologies in Asia.”

Northwaters Capital Phase I Fund has successfully purchased 2 million tons of VCS carbon assets, becoming the largest carbon asset management company in Asia-Pacific region.

At the launching ceremony, Northwaters Capital Pte Ltd and Zero Carbon Future Pte Ltd signed a custodian agreement of 2 million tons of VCS carbon assets to be managed on the Zero Carbon EX platform.

Dr. Bangdao Chen, CEO of Zero Carbon Future Pte Ltd, introduced the background of the launch and the application scenarios of the Zero Carbon EX platform in detail, “It is committed to building a Web3 digital asset standard and green finance system for the purpose of carbon neutral and environmental protection. The Zero Carbon EX platform will build a new green financial ecology to reduce carbon asset market barriers to entry, and enable more individuals, businesses and government to accept the carbon neutral concept and configure carbon assets by providing a safe and easy-to-use carbon asset account service. In future, everyone will have a ‘carbon’ account and a ‘carbon’ purse, combining daily life with carbon neutral. Through the trading and flow of ‘green’ digital currency based on carbon assets, countries around the world will be linked into a network to accelerate the process of global carbon peak and carbon neutrality.”

Wu Guoliang, Chairman of the ASEAN Strategic Committee of China Carbon Neutral Group, said, “We provide a one-stop carbon neutral solution that powers carbon credit asset development, production and investment services for enterprises, governments and individuals, engaging in carbon neutral business on a global scale leveraging the complementary and synergistic effects of carbon finance and carbon technology. Today, we are here to witness the launch of the Zero Carbon EX platform, resulting in a business partnership between Northwaters Capital and Zero Carbon Future, with two million tons of VCS carbon credits under escrow, which is part of an effort of the trading markets for carbon credits to support the sustainability of decarbonization. With Singapore as a regional gateway for carbon services, it is expected to facilitate the development of Singapore’s carbon services ecosystem by working with more international companies.”

About 30 guests and journalists, including Jonathan Yap, CEO of Northwaters Capital Pte Ltd, and Professor Bill Roscoe, Chief Scientist Advisor of Zero Carbon Future Pte Ltd, attended the launch ceremony of the Zero Carbon EX platform.


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