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Zeroing In on the Future of Blockchain: Bitget and


Singapore City, Singapore, April 27, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Bitget and BitKeep are excited to introduce an exclusive airdrop event in anticipation of the official launch of the next breakthrough in the Web3 space – the LayerZero Protocol.

LayerZero is an interoperability protocol designed to address the challenge of limited blockchain interoperability. It employs a unique approach to facilitate seamless connections between different blockchain networks, striving to create a true ‘omnichain’ solution as a foundational interoperability layer for the entire blockchain ecosystem. While similar protocols aim to enable arbitrary data transfers across blockchains, LayerZero aspires to go even further by creating a blockchain for blockchains.

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Backed by significant support from LayerZero communities and projects, Bitget and BitKeep are launching a month-long event, allowing users to earn free LayerZero airdrop tokens. Both parties have jointly issued LayerZero Certificate Bitget (LZBG) tokens, which will function as exchange vouchers for LayerZero’s official tokens in the future. 

Read on to learn how you can win free airdrops!

5 Exciting Rewarding Tasks Await You – Swap Tokens and Trade NFTs on BitKeep Wallet Now to Earn LZBG Airdrops!

BitKeep users can obtain LZBG by receiving red packets through collaboration channels, participating in trading reward campaigns, and joining the LZBG Carnival on Bitget. To qualify for the exchange, simply perform a Token Swap or NFT transaction on BitKeep (excluding NFT transactions on Arbitrum), and LZBG holders will be 100% eligible.

LZBG airdrop rewards start at 1 LZBG for swapping tokens and trading NFTs worth $100 and can go up to 1,000 LZBG for transactions above $100,000, with increments in between based on total transaction volume. Note that NFT transactions on the Arbitrum network are excluded from this campaign. For more details, visit the campaign page.

Don’t miss out! Click this link to claim a red packet of 5 LZBG for new BitKeep users!

Best Time to Start Using a Multichain Web3 Wallet – 300% Lucky Draw for BitKeep New Users!

As the innovative LayerZero is set to launch soon, BitKeep Wallet has already integrated multiple decentralized applications (DApps) built with this cutting-edge technology. BitKeep Wallet is the ideal crypto wallet for experiencing LayerZero. Not only will you have access to the latest blockchain tech, but you’re also guaranteed to win fantastic prizes, including LZBG airdrops, GASU, ETH, and even BTC!

Fill out this form and follow the instructions. More importantly, remember to complete at least one Token Swap or NFT transaction on BitKeep Wallet to be eligible for rewards.

Note: Only LZBG tokens obtained through BitKeep’s airdrop campaign qualify for the exchange of LayerZero official tokens. LZBG acquired through Swap purchases or transfers is not eligible for exchange.

BitKeep anticipates this innovative investment opportunity will attract increased investor attention and participation, inject new energy into the LayerZero ecosystem, and drive its dynamic growth.

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